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Today we honor Jaymie as a Koozie Group® Hero for building incredible customer relationships and being a stellar representative for Koozie Group in the promotional products industry. Jaymie serves on the PMANC board and was even asked to step up to a director role this year. She also recently got a kudos award from a very prestigious distributor, which is evidence that she really cares and goes the distance for her customers.

Jaymie joined Koozie Group just over two years ago in an Account Manager role. She is the representative for Northern California, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii. While she hasn’t traveled to Alaska or Hawaii for Koozie Group yet, she is excited to increase our presence there. She can’t wait until COVID restrictions are lifted so she can make those trips.

Right now, Jaymie is most excited about three initiatives: connecting with distributors via different social media channels, selling all sorts of health and wellness solutions and our work repositioning the customer experience (CX) in multiple markets. Her favorite part of Koozie Group is the people. “I wouldn’t be able to do my job without all of you,” Jaymie says. “There are too many shout-outs to give, but you all know who you are and what you’ve done. I will forever be grateful for those things.”

When it comes to People Powers, Jaymie prioritizes Speak with Truth & Kindness; Act with Integrity. She adheres to the saying that integrity is acting correctly when no one is looking. She has found that being truthful and kind when nobody was looking has saved her many times.

Jaymie’s favorite Koozie Group® product is the #CL BIC Clic™ Pen. She appreciates how the sleek styling meets classic design, with an understated look. Keeping it simple, timeless, and useful.

In her spare time, Jaymie enjoys time with her family, getting a good night’s rest and hanging out with friends. She says these are the things that keep her sane. Jaymie also studied abroad for a little while, earned her MBA in Strategic Leadership and created relationships with many different people who left a lasting impression on her life.

Thank you, Jaymie, for going the extra mile to build incredible relationships with your customers and for being such a valuable asset to Koozie Group!

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