How the Souvenir® Brand is Driving Innovation

The Souvenir® brand began in 1908 and has been a leader in supplying promotional writing instruments for over a century. Since reviving the Souvenir® brand in 2018 with 14 exclusive pens, Koozie Group has launched 46 new products that bear the Souvenir® name and that includes much more than just writing instruments. Plus, there's even more coming … Continue reading How the Souvenir® Brand is Driving Innovation


Koozie Group® Hero: Jeff Ibberson

Site Manager - Sleepy Eye, MN A true legend, today we honor Jeff as a Koozie Group® Hero for his unparalleled print knowledge, guidance and leadership that has helped build our promotional calendar dynasty. Jeff not only expertly manages a complex business, but challenges our Sleepy Eye site to transform their processes and printing capabilities … Continue reading Koozie Group® Hero: Jeff Ibberson


The Travel and Hospitality Market is Ready for a Comeback

Most people would agree that the inability to travel and visit with friends and family has been one of the more difficult parts of the pandemic. So, it's no surprise that with millions of Americans now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, people are itching to getaway. Especially now that the CDC has officially announced that people … Continue reading The Travel and Hospitality Market is Ready for a Comeback


Top Trends for Spring ’21

If you're looking for ideas that impress, knowing current trends is a great place to start. By suggesting on-trend promos, you present yourself as an expert distributor while also giving clients unique ways to stand out from the competition and connect with their target audience. This trend collection brings together seasonal ideas, shifting consumer interests … Continue reading Top Trends for Spring ’21