Catalogs Department & Shipping Supervisor – Clearwater, FL

Today we honor Chuck for always having a positive, can-do attitude and never giving up when finding solutions that help our customers and our business. Recently, there were challenges printing shipping labels for our Canadian shipments. Even though there didn’t seem to be a way to make it work, Chuck did not give up and experimented on his own until he was able to successfully solve the problem. He even found a solution that was easier to configure and more reliable, and then helped install printers at the other Koozie Group sites.

Chuck started with Koozie Group (previously BIC Graphic) on August 3, 1998. He has held the positions of: Assembler, Material Handler, Molding/Extrusion/Floor Mechanic, Safety Committee Lead, Manufacturing Supervisor and Logistics Supervisor. Over that time he was also deployed three times in support of Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Thank you for your service, Chuck!

Outside standard supervisory functions, Chuck is tasked with project work, process improvement and personnel development as the Catalogs Department and Shipping Supervisor. He is always excited to see employees mature within the business and succeed, but right now he is especially excited about Koozie Group’s current and future opportunity to make our company the tip of the spear as it relates to our position in the promo industry.

Chuck’s favorite part of working at Koozie Group is being part of our organization’s rich history and our prosperous future. “I am very proud to have, and continue to work with such professional and dedicated people at all levels of the company,” he says. “After 22 years, I am still able to learn from our folks every day.”

Even though he can make a strong argument for all our People Powers, Chuck is most passionate about Customer Obsession. He sees some of the challenges our customers face, and with a lot of competition in our industry, he believes that positive relationships will maintain and grow our customer base. If we don’t prioritize those relationships, we will fail to sustain and expand our business.

Koozie Group’s branded product lines that have a great reputation and interesting history (like the Koozie® brand) are some of Chuck’s favorite items. He also likes anything tech-related. He believes that getting in front of the technology-in-promo curve will help us supply relevant product lines that people will love.

Chuck is a born again Christian so he likes being involved with community service events in his spare time. He enjoys spending time with his family and rooting for all Philadelphia’s sports teams. GO BIRDS! He has been married to his amazing wife for 36 years and they have five children, four boys and their 20-year old daughter who is their baby.

They also feel blessed to have nine grandchildren and are proud of them all. Earlier this year, Chuck, his middle son, Alexander, and his grandson, Thomas, all went to the Super Bowl and they had a blast! Plus, they got to cheer on the winners who also happen to be Chuck’s second favorite football team. . . GO BUCS!

Thank you Chuck, for your being a true team player who goes above and beyond to find great solutions, and is always a pleasure to work with!

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