Summer is finally here, but the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot. Our KG Factor products are absolutely sizzling! According to an impartial survey of end consumers, these useful items have a high likelihood of being kept or gifted. People want to use these products over and over again. This means that they’ll be hanging around for a while and that they’ll have less of an impact on the environment as a result. Applying the KG Factor as part of our product strategy enhances our commitment to sustainability. Can’t get much hotter than that!

When it comes to products people are highly likely to use or gift, look no further than writing instruments. These items are great promo products because they have years of branding life, are cost effective, create many impressions, and are widely used. (1) It’s no wonder, then, that we’ve got more than 200 different types of writing instruments that carry the KG Factor. Check them all out here!

Fun Fact: Speaking of longevity,each BIC® ballpoint pen produces more than 1.2 miles of writing. (2)

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