For the rest of the year, we will donate 5% of sales on writing instrument orders to regional United Way chapters in Florida and Minnesota. While there are a ton of great reasons to love our writing instruments, this is by far the best one! We’re all about leaving a positive, lasting impact in the communities where we operate, and this giveback is just another part of our Keep It. Give It. program aimed at doing just that.

According to experts, almost 30% of families couldn’t afford school supplies last year (1), and with increasing inflation, that number will likely increase this back-to-school season. Given our partnership with the BIC® brand and our longstanding leadership in promotional writing instruments, donating a portion of our sales from this category to an organization so strongly tied to education was an easy choice.

United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. Funds donated through the writing instrument giveback will benefit not only education efforts but also other United Way initiatives.

To make a difference, please reference code WIUN22 when placing your writing instrument order. (Offers cannot be combined.) The code can be used on any size order and used multiple times through the end of the year. More details can be found here

Interesting Fact: It has been shown that handwriting contributes to reading fluency because it activates visual perception of letters. When children practice writing letters and words, they not only improve their handwriting but also their reading and spelling skills. (2)

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