With summer dwindling down and major holidays looming just around the corner, the gifting season is now upon us! Anyone looking for high-quality items at a great price is in luck because Koozie Group has a wide variety of budget-friendly products that are sure to impress.

The following is just a sampling of some of the fantastic items we offer that can be had for $10 or less, as seen in our 2022 Gift Guide!

#45413 Front Runner Cap

In addition to their affordability, hats are great promo items because they offer free advertising, are long-lasting, and make great gifts for anyone who has invested in your business! (1) A perfect gift for sports fans or outdoor enthusiasts, this traditional six-panel unstructured cap features cotton sheeting, a sweatband, hook-and-loop closure, and brushed 100% cotton twill. It’s very lightweight, too, and comes in a wide variety of product colors.

#55947 Souvenir® Path Pen

Sure to add a little class to any workstation, this metal pen offers an updated, modern twist on a classic pen style, and has a sleek clip design with the Souvenir® icon laser-engraved atop the plunger. Recipients will love the weight of this pen and the smooth, consistent write-out of the InstaGlide® ink, which is the perfect blend of ballpoint and gel ink.

#45448 Koozie® britePix® Can Kooler

The Koozie® britePix® Can Kooler is a great way to keep beverages cold and show off your brand. It’s available in unlimited colors and features the best full-color imprint in the industry, allowing for sharp, clear, photographic quality. This colorful, collapsible item folds flat so not only does it fit easily into a pocket or purse, it’s also compact enough to send through the mail if you need to spread joy far and wide.

#7039 The Saturday Evening Post – Spiral

Because of their daily impact and the fact that they offer a lot of real estate that is very easy to customize, calendars are the perfect gift to help you increase visibility for your brand. Featuring illustrations by beloved American Painter Norman Rockwell, this 13-month calendar will warm the heart of any recipient with its high-quality imagery of a by-gone era.

#15039 Drawstring Backpack

Our most popular bag, this fun, simple drawstring backpack is perfect for carrying belongings anywhere, whether on the golf course, at a theme park, or walking around campus. To take this gift to the next level, you can even transform the backpack into the “gift wrap” by filling it with an assortment of small items such as pens and notepads.

#8960 Puzzling!

Who doesn’t love puzzles? This product includes 64 pages of crosswords, word searches, and sudokus for hours of puzzle fun.

Experience the joy of gifting and find even more great gifts to fit every budget by downloading our Gift Guide here or visiting www.kooziegroup.com.

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