(September 11, 2023 – Clearwater, FL) Koozie Group and its sister company, IMAGEN Brands, are pleased to announce that they have achieved CarbonNeutral® company certification in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, the leading global framework for carbon neutrality. Koozie Group declared its intent in February to become carbon neutral on Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

To achieve CarbonNeutral® certification, Koozie Group has been working with Climate Impact Partners, a specialist in carbon market solutions for climate action. Koozie Group conducted an independent assessment of all Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions that it produced during 2022, as well as some Scope 3 emissions. In addition to taking actions to reduce its footprint through internal initiatives, Koozie Group has offset unavoidable emissions through projects that include supporting a forest conservation project that protects 460,000 acres of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The company selected this project specifically because of its large paper products portfolio.

Pierre Montaubin, CEO of Koozie Group, said of achieving CarbonNeutral® company certification, “We are excited to have reached this milestone so quickly. The groundwork we have been laying for the last several years really paid off.” He continued, “We chose to work with Climate Impact Partners because they have 25 years’ experience running some of the most innovative and largest voluntary carbon offsetting programs in the world. Working with them means all the projects we are supporting are independently verified and have a real and positive impact on the climate.”

Emily Mileski, Senior Account Executive at Climate Impact Partners, explained, “We work with leading organizations to deliver action on climate change and create a more sustainable world. Our joined-up approach helps organizations address their environmental impacts through high-quality carbon market solutions that also deliver positive impact for nature and local communities.”

The next step in Koozie Group’s carbon-neutral journey is to complete measuring its full Scope 3 emissions, which is a more involved task given the breadth of these emissions. The company is already pursuing internal measures, such as moving toward using recycled materials in place of virgin materials where possible, to reduce its Scope 3 emissions.

About Koozie Group:
As one of the largest suppliers in the promotional products industry, Koozie Group designs and produces reliable products that support and build brand legacies. Our portfolio of popular brands spans 10+ product categories and features powerhouse names including Koozie®, KAPSTON®, Souvenir®, Triumph®, and Atchison®, alongside iconic retail partners BIC®, ORCA®, Titleist®, and Leatherman® – just to name a few. IMAGEN Brands, a premier supplier of high-quality hard and soft goods, became part of the Koozie Group family in 2020 with a separate go-to-market strategy, adding partnerships with top retail brands such as Coleman®, Rubbermaid®, and ShedRain®.

We’re proud to leave a positive, lasting impact with the solutions and experiences we deliver by doing business in a way that benefits our people, customers, communities, and industry. We call this vision Keep It. Give It. This philosophy steers our decisions and drives our industry-leading commitment to product safety, social responsibility, supply chain security, and environmental stewardship. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Over 70% of our products carry our KG Factor designation, which identifies promo solutions that lessen environmental impact through longevity.
  • We introduce 100+ new products annually, 75% of which have a sustainability stance.
  • Our domestic facilities are Forest Stewardship Council® certified and/or Sustainable Forestry Initiative® certified.
  • We are a participating company of Fair Labor Association.

About Climate Impact Partners:
Climate Impact Partners is a leader in developing and delivering high-quality, high-impact carbon market solutions for climate action. For more than 20 years, the company, which is committed to delivering 1 billion tonnes of CO2 reductions, has worked with climate-leading businesses to support more than 600 carbon removal and reduction projects in 56 countries. With a focus on helping to transform the global economy, improve health and livelihoods, and restore a thriving planet, Climate Impact Partners develops and delivers the highest quality carbon-financed projects. It creates and manages carbon credit and energy attribute certificate portfolios that enable its clients to offset emissions they can’t yet reduce, put a price on carbon to incentivize change, and meet ambitious climate goals. Climate Impact Partners builds on the expertise, integrity, and innovation of two companies that have led the voluntary carbon market – Natural Capital Partners and ClimateCare.
Find out more at: climateimpact.com

About CarbonNeutral® certification:
CarbonNeutral® certification was created and is managed by Climate Impact Partners. It was the first clear set of guidelines for businesses to achieve carbon neutrality back in 2002, and every year since then Climate Impact Partners has continued its commitment to providing a robust framework for clear, transparent, and high-quality carbon-neutral action. The CarbonNeutral Protocol is a publicly available document that sets out the requirements for companies to achieve CarbonNeutral® certification. It is updated annually with input from an Advisory Council of external experts to ensure it reflects the latest industry and scientific best practice.
Find out more at: carbonneutral.com

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