You’ve just landed a great order with a customer and submitted it to Koozie Group. So now what? Well, thanks to our Koozie Group® Tracker, you won’t have to play the guessing game when it comes to knowing the most recent status of your order. In fact, you’ll know exactly what’s going on at all times and be able to easily manage your order like a boss.

The Koozie Group® Tracker is your one-stop location for finding all the details related to your orders. At your fingertips, you can view real-time order status, in addition to accessing order details.

Recently, we’ve made a number of exciting updates to the Koozie Group® Tracker, including the addition of a streamlined clarifications process. This presents all your clarifications in one place and narrows down the way you can answer the clarifying questions to reduce misunderstanding and the need for you to interpret our questions. Additionally, all clarification answers are saved so you can view them later. The benefits of this process include making your options clear, seeing everything in one spot, having fewer back-and-forth conversations, and quicker turnaround times.

Other recent Koozie Group® Tracker updates include the ability to view and approve proofs online and the introduction of a Follow This Order feature, which allows you to add yourself or others to receive email communications on a specific order. These types of communications include PO receipt, order confirmation, shipment notification, and ship date notification.

Speaking of email notifications, each one we send includes a secure link that you can click on to find out more about pending clarifications, the status of your order, etc. When that arrives, either use the link in the email or log in to your account to bypass clicking the link.

Not convinced? Give these new updates to the Koozie Group® Tracker a try and start managing your orders like a boss. And be on the lookout for more improvements to this feature and additional enhancements to the Koozie Group® Tracker as we strive to provide you with the best customer service in the promotional products industry.

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