Top Picks for Breast Cancer Awareness

Promotional products are one of the best ways to spread the messages behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiatives. Organizations, groups, and businesses can use promos as educational materials, giveaways, fundraising events, and more to support this important cause. October is just a few months away, so now is the time to plan breast cancer awareness … Continue reading Top Picks for Breast Cancer Awareness

8 Big Dollar Ideas for Fundraising Campaigns

Learning and adapting are essential to how organizations deliver their services and meet their goals. The non-profit industry is constantly evolving, so it is important to account for the speed at which changes come about with new technology and generational preferences. Keeping up with modern trends is a way forward-thinking groups can thrive, and promotional … Continue reading 8 Big Dollar Ideas for Fundraising Campaigns

Ride Safer with Bike Promos

Motorcycle crashes involving other motor vehicles continue to account for nearly 50% of all motorcyclist deaths in the U.S. Riders are at more risk than other drivers because they lack many of the same safety features of automobiles. (1) Unfortunately, after a crash involving a motorcycle, drivers often state they did not see the rider … Continue reading Ride Safer with Bike Promos

What’s New This Month? September 2018

BIC Graphic NA is pleased to announce over 20 new and exciting products across six categories launching in September 2018!  Here are some of our favorite new items: Technology Marble is one of the hottest trends in promo, and the #32246 Marble Pattern Bluetooth® Speaker has a high-end look your clients are sure to love. … Continue reading What’s New This Month? September 2018

A Case for Awareness

When it comes to cause awareness, promotional products help generate visibility and spread important messages. Here are three different ways promotional products helped generate visibility for organizations making a positive impact in their communities. A Case for the Environment Item: #7244 goingreen™ Stapled Appointment Calendar Purpose: Promote awareness of recycling programs and provide recycling information … Continue reading A Case for Awareness

Awareness Campaigns Worth Promoting

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the promotional products industry is helping organizations spread the word about worthy causes. Throughout the year key months are designated to help these organizations educate and raise awareness about important issues. Here are six examples of campaigns working to better our communities throughout the year, and … Continue reading Awareness Campaigns Worth Promoting

Growing Fresh Sales in the Agriculture Industry

Farm to table is popular because people are interested in learning more about where their food comes from, and supporting businesses that work with local or regional farms. As this movement continues to grow, there are emerging opportunities for promotional products to benefit this sector of the agriculture industry. (1) Know Your Food One of the … Continue reading Growing Fresh Sales in the Agriculture Industry

Promoting for a Cause: Promo’s Role in Health Awareness Campaigns

Compassionate organizations use health campaigns to aid in their efforts to save lives and alleviate suffering all around the world. These groups work tirelessly to raise funds for research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of disease. Promo products are a vital tool these charities use to further their mission and spread the word about their … Continue reading Promoting for a Cause: Promo’s Role in Health Awareness Campaigns