It may be the digital age, but in the world of promotional products, writing instruments remain big sellers and it’s no secret why. With a cost per impression of 1/10th of a cent and 50% of U.S. consumers owning promotional writing instruments; (1) this category is still a trusted way for brands to get their message in front of customers.

There is no evidence that the convergence of writing and technology will derail the popularity of writing instruments. In fact, demand for stylish pens remains high; as they are given as gifts and perceived as fashionable accessories. (2) The key is adapting with the times to provide designs and ink technology that people love – and love to show off.

BIC Graphic NA has been known as a top supplier of writing instruments for nearly 50 years, and we remain committed to high safety and quality standards for all our products. We continue to dedicate resources to developing exclusive pen designs and advanced ink technology like InstaGlide™ ink to maintain our status as a category leader for years to come.

It’s Your Story

We are proud to be a leader in writing the future of this promotional category. That’s why we are reviving the Souvenir®  brand in October 2018. The Souvenir® brand has supplied quality writing instruments to the industry for over a century, and while the Souvenir® brand has been part of BIC Graphic NA for years; we have been waiting for the perfect time to bring back this iconic brand – and that time is now!

The story began October 1st with a collection of 14 writing instruments. These distinctive Souvenir® pens were designed in-house to be one-of-a-kind; showcasing unique features coupled with a smooth, consistent write-out.

What distinguishes the Souvenir® brand?

  • Elevated Features – Advanced ink technology in exclusive designs
  • Innovative decoration – Full barrel imprints or unique and modern textures
  • Prominent branding – Superior construction with co-branding capabilities
  • Value-added – Fashion driven designs at affordable price points
  • Product integrity – Quality and product safety we stand behind

Visit to stay up-to-date on with the Souvenir® brand or to shop our full range of over 375 writing instruments.

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