In the world of promotional products, writing instruments remain big sellers with a cost per impression of 1/10th of a cent and 50% of U.S. consumers owning promotional writing instruments. (1) Here are three ways end users got their message in front of customers using promotional pens.

A Case for Business Services

Item: #55867 Grip Stylus Pen
Purpose: Improve employee experience
Audience: Route service employees

A business services provider implemented a touch screen inventory management system for on-route sales representatives. The company ordered these stylus pens to distribute to employees during the new system launch to help with ease of use in the field. The pens were imprinted with the website and phone number of the technology help desk for the new system.

The employees like the pens because they could easily transition from paperwork to their hand-held device. The contact information for tech support being imprinted on the pen alleviated phone calls to the wrong department and minimized the amount of time systems were down.

  • Plunger action pen – through stylus
  • Metallic finish with black rubberized grip and black clip
  • Black hybrid ink

A Case for Medical Offices

Item: #CSWBMES BIC® WideBody® Message Pen
Purpose: Inform people about range of services
Audience: Clients and general public

A chiropractic office wanted to inform clients and others about their range of services beyond just adjustments. They liked the message pen because the rotating messages about massage, physical therapy, MVA and worker’s comp claims helped clients and potential clients see they offered much more than just chiropractic.

The pens were distributed to patients, at trade shows and to other businesses in the community like attorneys, insurance companies and gyms. The office placed several 1,000 piece re-orders of the message pen and its success has provided opportunity for additional promo items as well.

  • Wide profile accommodates a large barrel imprint
  • Six rotating messages, up to 40 characters per line (stock messages available)
  • Plunger-action

A Case for Financial Conferences

Item: #GR BIC® Grip Roller
Purpose: Giveaway item for conference sponsorship
Audience: CFO and high-level financial executives

A financial services firm was sponsoring a conference for up-and-coming CFOs in the Financial Tech industry. Part of the sponsorship was a giveaway inclusion in the conference swag bags. They chose this pen because of its popularity and recognition in the industry, and were able to easily clip it onto their company services overview brochure.

Using a clever imprint noting the reliance on pen and paper (even in a tech-focused field) created buzz around the giveaway and resulted in media mentions with press covering the event.

  • Two-piece roller with nickel-plated clip
  • Well-recognized cap pen with textured rubber grip
  • Fast drying ink for clean, precise writing

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