Here is your sneak peek at the upcoming revival of the Souvenir® brand, beginning with a 14 pen collection launching October 1, 2018! Be sure to check back over the next month for an ongoing countdown of these exciting new writing instruments.


Fresh patterns, bright colors and chrome accents make the #55940 Souvenir® Motive Stylus Pen a fun multi-function writing instrument. The grip on this fully rubberized pen showcases trendy patterns that complement the barrel color while the 1.2mm bold write out and push-through stylus take this pen effortlessly from paper to touch screen.

#55940 Souvenir® Motive Stylus Pen


Make a statement every time you write with the #55939 Souvenir® Motive Pen. The gunmetal barrel is the ideal backdrop for the colorful grip that incorporates a fashion-inspired two-tone pattern. The coordinating clip and Souvenir® emblem supply additional pops of color while the 1.2mm bold write-out delivers a smooth writing experience.

#55939 Souvenir® Motive Pen


With a sleek one-piece barrel and clip and shining chrome accents, the #55935 Souvenir® Vibrant Pen is a plunger pen with universal appeal. The vivid-hued barrel features a matte textured swirl that leads to the clip embossed with the Souvenir® logo. Hybrid InstaGlide® ink offers a smooth, consistent write-out to add even more value to this fashionable plastic pen.

#55935 Souvenir® Vibrant Pen


The #55941 Souvenir® Sol Pen has a trendy metallic barrel and unique black grip with modern cut outs to expose the barrel color underneath. The contrast between the barrel color, chrome accents and black clip/grip creates a perfect background for the screen print imprint; which is accented by a die cut Souvenir® logo beneath the plunger.

#55941 Souvenir® Sol Pen


Step into the future with the #55936 Souvenir® Electric Pen. With a design inspired by aerodynamics, grooves in the matte finish barrel help this pen fit comfortably in your clients’ hands. The distinctive clip design showcases the Souvenir® logo while the black accents perfectly frame the screen print imprint. Includes InstaGlide® upgraded ink formula at no extra charge for a smooth, consistent write-out.

#55936 Souvenir® Electric Pen


With alternating clear and frosted bands along the grip, the #55937 Souvenir® Saga Pen has style that is a notch above your average translucent pen. The wide color-coordinated clip featuring the Souvenir® icon and InstaGlide® hybrid ink add even more value to this well-priced writing instrument.

#55937 Souvenir® Saga Pen


Make a colorful splash with the #55934 Souvenir® TFW Pen. Each plastic barrel is a stunning mix of bright hue and white, with a die-cut Souvenir® icon detail for an added punch of style. With InstaGlide® hybrid ink, distinctive clip and embossed grip this pen is unlike any other at a price point your clients will love.

#55934 Souvenir® TFW Pen


The #55920 Souvenir® Story Pen truly embodies the signature Souvenir® style. This plastic plunger pen features a stylized “S” on the grip that matches the vivid barrel hue, chrome Souvenir® emblem and 1.2mm bold write-out for an elevated writing experience at an affordable price point.

#55920 Souvenir® Story Pen


The #55947 Souvenir® Path Pen offers an updated, modern twist on a classic pen style. This metal pen has a sleek clip design with the Souvenir® icon laser-engraved atop the plunger and smooth rubberized grip. Clients will love the weight and a smooth consistent write-out of the InstaGlide® ink on this distinctive writing instrument.

#55947 Souvenir® Path Pen


Cheers to telling your story with flair using the #55943 Souvenir® Tuxedo Pen! The hexagonal twist-action cap shows true Souvenir® style with a laser-engraved icon on top of the richly pigmented barrel. Accented with a textured chrome band and featuring InstaGlide® hybrid ink, this pen delivers heavyweight style and performance.

#55943 Souvenir® Tuxedo Pen


The retail-inspired #55944 Souvenir® Tux Pen is a metal pen featuring a unique tone-on-tone crosshatch pattern to perfectly complement your clients’ distinctive brands. The smooth twist-action, elevated InstaGlide® hybrid ink and color-coordinated accents make this a statement writing instrument that is sure to impress. Available with screen print or laser-engraved imprint.

#55944 Souvenir® Tux Pen


The fully rubberized metal #55945 Souvenir® Armor Pen truly makes a statement with vivid jewel-tone barrels accented by a chrome tip, clip and die-cut grip design. Elevated features like the Souvenir® logo atop the plunger and InstaGlide® upgraded hybrid ink complete the polished performance of this high-style writing instrument.

#55945 Souvenir® Armor Pen


The #55942 Souvenir® Sol Stylus Pen has a unique black grip that features cut outs exposing the barrel color underneath. Mimicking that design element is the unique die-cut “S” of the Souvenir® icon on the barrel. The rich colors and contrasting black clip and grip provide a trendy, modern backdrop for the screen print imprint; and the chrome plunger and tip perfectly complete this modern stylus pen.

#55942 Souvenir® Sol Stylus Pen






The #55938 Souvenir® Story Stylus Pen is multi-function with high-style. The gunmetal barrel is complemented by a chrome plunger and tip with black clip and grip. The unique grip is accented with an avant-garde “S” in your choice of eye-catching color or sleek black to match the Souvenir® emblem on the barrel. A 1.2mm bold write-out offers a smooth consistent writing experience.

#55938 Souvenir® Story Stylus Pen


Be sure to visit on October 1st for the official launch of this stylish collection!

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