With a cost per impression of 1/10th of a cent and 50% of U.S. consumers owning promotional writing instruments, this category is a great way for brands to connect with their customers. (1) Here are just three examples of how the Souvenir® writing instruments from BIC Graphic NA helped end users showcase their unique brands.

A Case Study for Financial Services

#55944 Souvenir® Tux Pen

A financial planning firm wanted to hold an open house for clients and potential clients during Financial Planning Week. The open house had stations focused on different financial areas like estate planning, charitable giving, teaching children financial responsibility, and paying down debt.

Souvenir® Tux Pens were used at each station for presentations and also given away to attendees. The firm liked that the pen color matched corporate branding, had distinctive design elements and elevated ink that helped convey their image of first-class service. They re-ordered 5,000 to have on-hand for employee use and to give clients during office visits.

A Case Study for Business Services

#55942 Souvenir® Sol Stylus Pen

A business services provider implemented a touch screen inventory management/billing system for on-route sales representatives. The company ordered these stylus pens to distribute to employees during the new system launch to help with ease of use in the field. The pens were imprinted with the website and phone number of the technology help desk for the new system.

The employees liked the Souvenir® Sol Stylus Pens because they could easily transition from paperwork to their hand-held device. The contact information for tech support being imprinted on the pen alleviated phone calls to the wrong department and minimized the amount of time systems were down.

A Case Study for Funeral Services

#55947 Souvenir® Path Pen

A funeral home was developing a new company image and wanted promotional items that tastefully represented their brand with contemporary designs. They wanted to start with office items like note pads, writing instruments and folders as these items are used every day in their business.

They chose the Souvenir® Path Pen because of the distinctive design with a modern twist. The navy barrel color perfectly matched their new brand identity while the chrome accents and design details gave the pen a sophisticated feel. Funeral home representatives used the pens as leave-behinds, for on-site services, during client meetings and in information packets.

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