Gift-giving may feel overwhelming, but most businesses know the value of showing heart-felt appreciation at the end of the year. The key to a successful program is giving thoughtful gifts that help build rapport and tell a brand story. The right item can keep businesses top-of-mind and be a powerful tool for building future sales.

Year-end gifting should not just be a tedious item on your clients’ to-do lists. Think beyond the “expected” branded items to suggest something exciting. Help your clients show off their creativity and innovation with a gift that has a higher status than other promotional items from their day-to-day business. Gift-giving should be looked at as an opportunity to foster positive relationships and improve chances for future success. (1)

Here are some of our favorite ways to give gifts that go beyond first impressions.

Timeless vs. Trendy

Knowing what things are here to stay and not just a flash in the pan is one way to give gifts that people will want to keep. Smart technology, wireless audio and classic gifts with a modern twist are all things that are steadily increasing in popularity – especially with younger generations of consumers. Better yet, choose a complementary service to include with your gift like a streaming music or coffee of the month subscription. (2)


#32165 Wifi Smart Wall Adapter – Forward-thinking clients will love this gift that enables users to power an outlet from their Apple or Android device. Complete with timer setting and button switch, this is a home upgrade anyone will love.

#32128 Jam® Live True Bluetooth® Earbuds – These earbuds are truly wireless, deliver up to 3 hours of play time with a single charge and the case doubles as a power bank to charge other devices. Pair with a Spotify or Apple Music subscription, and this gift is sure to make any brand stand out in the eyes of music-lovers.

#15956 KAPSTON® Natisino Tote – A promo that is truly inspired by retail trends, this stylish and durable leatherette tote features antique brass trim and a deboss imprint on the hang tag. A classic yet fashionable way to carry all your daily essentials.

#46260 mybevi® Classic Premium Tumbler – 26 oz. – Let your company stand out with this gift tumbler that is sleek, sweatproof and keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. With the britePix® full-color imprint option, brand messages can even get personal adding individual names, photos, QR codes and more on each product within an order.

Don’t Overdo It

Everyone has customers that spend more than others, and sending a gift that is disproportionate to their annual spend can be awkward for everyone. Having a process or tiered system that keeps gifts aligned with how much a client’s company spends is a good idea to ensure a positive relationship where no one feels uncomfortable moving forward. (3) Choosing gifts from a collection is one way to make sure your gift program is cohesive while hitting a range of price points and can help guide future gifting plans.


EQP Under $10 – The #16018 KAPSTON® Pierce Journal is made of two-tone polyester with front zippered pocket for an elevated yet affordable gift option.

As low as $10 to $20 – The #15932 KAPSTON® Pierce Tote-Pack is a multi-function bag with stylish leatherette accents that any young professional would love to carry.

As low as $20+ – The #26038 KAPSTON® Pierce 19” Carry-On Luggage is a great corporate gift with plenty of room for travel that still folds for easy storage.

The complete KAPSTON® Pierce Collection

Make it Personal

Personalization is a great way to show recipients you value their business and helps build stronger connections. Over 50% of people say receiving a personalized gift shows the giver put a lot of thought into the gesture and it was meant to make them feel special. They also say they would be likely to keep a personalized gift longer than they would a non-personalized gift. (3)


#60713 Titleist® Pro V1 Golf Ball Std Serv – Golf balls are always a hit during gift season, and adding personalization can turn a dozen golf balls into keepsakes for novices, recreational golfers or aspiring professionals alike.*

#5210 Your Name here™ Desk Calendar – Keep your business name top-of-mind all year with this tent-style desk calendar that shows the recipients name in each monthly image. This is a unique calendar option that is truly the ultimate in personalization!

#36840 JAFFA® Four Round Coaters with Wood Tray – Choosing the coaster finish, leather color and imprint gives this coaster set a truly custom look. Plus, with the laser-engraved medallion and britePix® full color options the personalization potential is limitless!

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*Note that some balls require 12 dozen per imprint. MOQ may apply.
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