The Triumph® brand offers an industry-leading selection of calendars to suit every taste and match every budget. Whether a calendar incorporates a traditional design, a dimensional shape, or a technology-enhanced image; BIC Graphic NA always delivers on the Triumph® branded quality that has been its hallmark for over 50 years.

The Triumph® brand offers hundreds of industry-leading designs and has been awarded with 18 Distributor Choice Awards. With a mass market appeal and year-round exposure, Triumph® Calendars impact every day.

Triumph® Calendar Features:

  • Broadest calendar selection in the promotional products industry
  • Industry’s largest assortment of items with guaranteed inventory through December 31, 2019.
  • Award-winning designs
  • Free 24-hour service on 70+ calendar styles
  • Specialists in custom and coop program management
  • Nuvo™ by Triumph® Calendars creates lasting impressions with shape, dimension, special inks and more to capture the life and vitality of brand messages.

The Latest from Triumph® Calendars:


#5811 Triumph® Calendars Everlasting Desk Calendar

This perpetual calendar is a great addition to any desk or workspace. The moveable blocks allow you to display any date for years and years – meaning even more brand impressions! Includes month, weekday and number cubes that fit in the provided base. Made of beech wood with laser engraved imprint.


#8108 Triumph® Calendars Gratitude Planner

Express what you’re thankful for each day to relieve stress and relax. Great for short-term and long-term planning with added space for daily gratitude journaling.


#8107 Triumph® Calendars with Clear Pocket

A great product for keeping important event details organized. The clear zippered pocket is great for holding writing instruments and other essentials. Features screen print imprint on the durable PVC plastic cover.


#1505 Triumph® Calendars DIY Projects

Watch this calendar’s images come to life with the Pixaction 2.0 app. Includes 12 DIY videos and digital drop ad front imprint. Watch it, do it, make it!


#6436 Triumph® Calendars Large Apron Calendar

Looking for generous ad space? This commercial calendar has an 18” w x 10” h imprint area with large, easy-to-read numbers. Great for manufacturing, automotive and construction vertical markets.


#5812 Nuvo™ by Triumph® Calendars Flower Desk Calendar

This fun and colorful calendar is the perfect accent to brighten your desk! Sick the calendar to a flat surface and rotate the brightly-colored flowers to reveal the calendar months.

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