Today we honor Chris for stepping up and taking on a key deliverable – owning the process from beginning to end. He embodies the One Team People Power because he never hesitates to support his colleagues, even if a task falls outside his normal job scope.

Chris has been the Treasury Manager with BIC Graphic NA for just over two years. He is responsible for maintaining the company’s 13-week cash forecast and all financial reporting requirements under our credit agreements. He also produces finance deliverables for our corporate insurance policies.

Chris has enjoyed the partnerships and exposure to different areas of the business in his role, most recently helping fill in as part of the FPA department while they recruited for an open position. Additionally, Chris is excited about partnering with the FPA department on the budget balance sheet and cash flow statement items. His favorite BIC Graphic NA product is the #26097 Koozie® Backpack Kooler Chair.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys watching sports and spending time at the beach or out on the water. He also has a Patterdale Terrier which looks like a black lab puppy, but has the energy and is the same size as a Jack Russell Terrier.

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