We all know the numbers. With a cost per impression of less than 1/10th of a cent, customized pens are the promos that offer the best value. (1) But does the imprint on a writing instrument really leave a lasting impression? Absolutely! Promo pens are powerful because they can express a brand’s unique style and quickly become an end user’s favorite way to write their unique story – while generating 3,000 impressions! (2)

From paying tribute to the man who invented ballpoint pens to a utility company looking to brighten up their brand; here are some of our favorite customized pen and pencil imprints to inspire your next writing instrument campaign.



A state park was looking for a standout writing instrument to use at their facilities, special events and during educational programs. The #55991 Souvenir® Tidal Pen in green coordinated well with their logo and provided an elevated design at a great price point.



To show appreciation after their first year in business, a fencing school gave each student a #55962 Caran D’Ache PopLine Stylus Metallic Pen to remind them that while the pen may be mightier than the sword, they could each hold their own on the piste. They also included the optional pen holder to make the gift even more memorable!



Crosswords are a great way to keep memories sharp, so a retirement community started a crossword club which exploded in popularity. They order (and re-order) these #BPS BIC® Pencil Solids to help club members easily erase the *occasional* mistake.


A regional credit union was looking for an affordable pen for giveaways that also had a high perceived value. Enter the best-selling #55855 Petite Metal Pen in trendy blue metallic with hybrid ink – which was such a big hit with their customers they re-ordered earlier than expected.



Many people think of László Bíró as the inventor of the ballpoint pen, and that is correct for the modern iteration. However, John J. Loud is truly who invented ballpoint pen technology, filing the first patent for his invention in 1888. (3) We love this company that pays homage to this unsung hero with their business name, using Loud’s signature on the modern design of the #IMGSTY BIC® Image Stylus Pen.



What better way for an icy business to promote their message than with a ballpoint pen designed with trendy, lucite-like translucent features like the #56004 Rozen Pen? This ice skating facility had the right idea to send a clear message!



When a sign company wanted to advertise their new neon repair services, they sent the #55988 Souvenir® Lark Highlighter to key accounts to help spread the word.



A car wash restructured their business processes to be more environmentally friendly including adding a waterless detail service and reduction in harsh cleaning chemicals for more natural alternatives. As part of this new eco-initiative, they also switched their promotional giveaway to the #TSECO BIC® Ecolutions® Tri-Stic® Pen which is made with 73% post-consumer recycled plastic.


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We love the idea of an electric company using the#55996 Souvenir® Merlin Light-Up Pen to promote their brand! This city service provider’s logo shines bright through the laser engraved imprint on this sleek and modern pen.


Case Study: Getting Noticed with Gel Pens

A university art department received funding for additional recruitment efforts after receiving accreditation. Recruiters wanted to provide a giveaway item to take on their expanded high school visit tour that was small enough to include with their standard info packet.

They chose #ICLGEL BIC® Intensity® Clic™ Gel Pens because of the array of product gel ink color options. Including pen colors with coordinating ink colors appealed to the creative audience and made a distinct impression over standard black/blue ink pens. The department’s efforts resulted in an increase in enrollment and a place on a “Top 10 Art Schools in the US” list the following year.


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