Two questions we always hear from Distributors are “What’s new?” and “What’s your favorite product?” and that’s no surprise! Of course you want to show your clients the latest and greatest promos to get their brand message out into the world. We already cover what’s new every month, so we decided to go straight to the people who know our promotional products best to see which are their current favorites.

With thousands of products it must have been hard to choose, but here are the BIC Graphic NA Team’s favorite promotional products for 2020.

Malory Schmidt – Product Manager, Bags

16105-Koozie-Tarpon-48L-ToteI may be a little biased, but my favorite product right now is the #16105 Koozie® Tarpon 48L Tote because it’s the perfect bag for a fun day in the sun. The separate sandal compartment on the bottom makes it easy to dump the excess sand before heading home so it stays out of my car. 

This is really the perfect bag for the beach and I use it every time I head to the shore or go out on the boat.

TJ Latchford – National Account Manager

ICLGEL-BIC-Intensity-Clic-Gel-PenThe #ICLGEL BIC® Intensity® Clic™ Gel Pen is instantly recognized by so many promo distributors. Not only that, but they also provide feedback and comment on the #ICLGEL being their favorite gel pen and writing instrument! The gel ink is quick to dry so there isn’t an opportunity to smear and the contoured grip helps to keep your writing in check. 

The innovative body and design of this pen keeps the style of the writing instrument current. I like it so much I use this pen every single day of the year, and if I had to pick out of 100 pens, this would always be my first choice!

Aron Barker – Material Planning and Logistics Manager top pick of all BIC Graphic NA products is the #ICLGEL BIC® Intensity® Clic™ Gel Pen because the form and function are both excellent.

The ultra-smooth gel roller makes this pen write extremely smooth and the variety of colors the #ICLGEL is offered in look great. This is my perfect pen for taking notes so I use it every day!

Jeremy Miller – Manufacturing Manager

45388-The-Deluxe-ChairMy favorite product is the #45388 Deluxe Chair because it’s comfortable, sturdy and the mesh back allows for air flow in hot weather.

I purchased several of these a couple years ago and the water-resistant material makes them the perfect chair to use year-round at my camper, in the back yard or while hunting. It’s also easy to transport the chair in the carry bag and pack them up for storage them when I’m not using them. 

Cleo Cozine – Sales Account Manager

46173-Koozie-Triple-Vacuum-Tumbler-WhiteI love the #46173 Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler. It is very easy to carry, and fits in my vehicle’s cup holder effortlessly. I can use it for hot or cold beverages and every color is great – but white is my favorite. 

The Triple’s versatility is my favorite feature – there are 3 different ways to utilize it! I use it every day to keep my coffee hot throughout the day. 

David McMullan – Regional Sales Manager

46311-Koozie-Triple-Vacuum-Tumbler-16-ozMy top pick is the Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler, both in the original 13 oz. size (#46173) and the new 16 oz. size (#46311).  My favorite feature is that is multi-functional –  I can keep my drinks in a can or bottle cold as well as a poured in drink with the sip through lid.  Also, I use it with my Keurig for coffee and really like how it fits under it for a quick cup on-the-go.

Beth Wunderle – Supply Chain Buyer

My favorite has to be the #46173c Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler because it keeps my drinks nice and cold on the weekends!

Iris Chan – Marketing Designer

The KAPSTON® San Marco bag collection includes my favorite products, simply because they are one of my best designs with good feedback. This premium cotton collection has a stylish and sophisticated design that is perfect for work, school or travel. They have roomy space for everything you need to carry, crafted with durable materials, and  is carefully designed to protect your laptop and small belongings.


It takes me and the team more than a year to develop designs before going to market, in order to find a good balance between the cost and the design. Sometimes we need to let go some key features during the design process – which is hard – but I’m happy to see that the final design is still really close to the initial concept.

Besides the practicality of the KAPSTON® San Marco designs, I really like the leatherette and suede carry handles. Not only providing comfort while carrying, but this neat element also gives a highlight to the bags, plus the coordinating suede tag with the KAPSTON® logo, which shows off the personality of the brand.

I use the #16079 KAPSTON® San Marco Tote nearly every day for work and for leisure, and when I travel the #16082 San Marco Duffel is a good companion.

Jody Schingledecker – Supply Planning Analyst

55041-Arrowhead-Natural-PenThe #55041 Arrowhead Natural Pen was an easy choice for me. I’m basically a hoarder with this item when I can get my hands on any misprints or samples. Which isn’t too often now that these pens moved to Clearwater!  

I love this pen’s feel and how well it performs. Even though it has a fine tip, it has the performance of a medium ballpoint. Basically, this is the only fine tip pen I prefer using. I use it daily; it’s my favorite, hands down!

Jackie DeFusco – National Account Manager

Koozie-Triple-Vacuum-Tumbler-CoralI have a 3 way tie for my top picks! 😊 I love the #46173C Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler, the #16002 Koozie® Olympus Kooler Backpack (in white), and my #16079 KAPSTON® San Marco Tote!

Why I love the Triple: The size of the Triple fits in my hand perfectly, the color selection and the sliding lid! I can also put a straw in through the lid.

Why I love the Olympus: The size and versatility of this product are perfect (I use it as a cooler and backpack)…the padded back and straps allow for comfort when carrying lots of weight…due to ice and beverages….and the easy clean component with it being made from tarpaulin.

Why I love the San Marco: I just adore the retail style and look to this bag. I love the pin stripe pattern interior, the two-tone faux leather straps, and gray exterior and black color blocking.

I use the Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler 3-4 times a week. The Koozie® Olympus Kooler Backpack in the summer and spring – daily with my kids to go to the pool, sports or to the park. Everyday you’ll find me carrying the KAPSTON® San Marco Tote – it’s my current fave!

Linda Huppert – Supply Chain Buyer

non-woven-drawstring-backpack-15660The #15660 Non-Woven Drawstring Backpacks are my favorite bag to use when going to the State Fair, or somewhere that I just need a few things. That way I do not have to carry a purse!

The lightweight material is the best feature because you can put more goodies inside without the bag getting too heavy. It’s perfect to use throughout the year for all the events where I need to carry the essentials but want to keep my hands free.

Carrie Lewis – Marketing Communications Manager

G7145-Gear-for-Sports-Womens-Seaport-BomberOne of my favorite products is the #G1745 Gear for Sports® Women’s Seaport Bomber. It’s the perfect sweater to wear in the office because it looks polished with the birds eye rib at collar/cuff, leather zipper pull and the BIC Graphic NA logo in dark gray embroidery. This cozy bomber is a great way to represent both BIC Graphic NA and one of our exclusive brand partners in a stylish way.

I highly recommend the Salt & Pepper color because it’s a great neutral that can match just about everything! I keep it at my desk for when the AC is a little too cool or on the rare occasion it gets chilly in sunny Florida.

Joey Fox – National Account Manager

My favorite product is the #CS BIC® Clic Stic® Pen for a variety of reasons, but first and foremost is the usability of the product! Who doesn’t need a pen to write with everyday? Whether it is taking notes in a meeting or putting a note in my kids lunchbox in the morning I always need something to write with. But I don’t just love it because the pen is a great billboard for any company. A few years ago I began using the Clic Stic® as my business card in meetings. At the time What Does the Fox Say? went viral and was stuck in everyone’s head. So based off that popularity I created my own Clic Stic® with my contact information and a play on the song with “What does Joey Fox say?” for the imprint. I included my email address and phone number on the pen, and instead of handing out business cards at meetings I gave out the pens. (see photo).


Taking it one step further, a few years after I had handed these out, I received a phone call from a number in Manitoba, B.C. When I answered the phone the caller said “What does Joey Fox Say?” I thought it was a friend messing with me, but the caller was being serious, they wanted to know. So after a good laugh I asked them how they got the pen and they said it was at a restaurant in their small town and they had to call and find out. So that pen traveled from the NY/NJ area all the way to Manitoba, Canada. Talk about a vehicle for a message!

Aside from the usability of the product, my favorite feature of the BIC® Clic Stic® would have to be the customization abilities of the pen. We don’t offer another product where you can pick every aspect of the item. You truly can build your own pen from the trim, to the barrel to the ink!

I use my #CS every single day! It is the first thing I grab when I sit down at my desk every morning.

Sara Rooney – Design Supervisor

Koozie-Adventure-Dry-SacksI love a lot of BIC Graphic NA products, but my most-used favorites have to be the Koozie® Adventure Dry Sacks – #15786 and #15787.

I love to SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard), and these are the perfect bags to take along to keep the important stuff like my phone and car keys dry! They are roomy enough to fit a dry shirt and flip flops too, but you can roll them down small too if you don’t have a lot to carry.

The best part about these dry sacks is that they’re water-tight – on more than one occasion I’ve used them to keep the water IN for a make-shift water bowl for the doggo! (see photo)

My Koozie® Adventure Dry Sack(s) go with me every time I take my board out – if the weather cooperates, that means every weekend!

Megan Sears – Regional Sales Manager

10027-lil-chizlerMy favorite product is the #10027 Lil Chizler.  This product is a workhorse!  I have one in almost every room of my house for various reasons: 

  • One in my garage to open and then breakdown boxes to put in my recycling bin. 
  • One in my office to open letters/envelopes. 
  • One in my kitchen to use when I’m cleaning dishes and need to scrape pans.
  • One in my ski jacket to use when I get too much snow stuck to the bottom of my ski boots.
  • It’s also the perfect size to unscrew those flat screws that hold your outlet/light switch covers on when you’re painting a room, and you can use it to smooth out your painters tape as well so you get the perfect paint line.
  • And I’ve used it many times to get stickers and anything gooey off my windows, scrap away extra sealant in my showers and tubs.

I love that the Lil’ Chizler has various corners and different thickness of edges so it’s versatile for a wide variety of uses. I also love that it’s flat, so it fits anywhere and is the perfect product for direct mail campaigns. Oh yeah – it takes a full color imprint to show off a customer’s logo! 😊

I use my Chizler in some way shape or form almost daily and am always looking for new ways to use it!

Ken Thomsen – National Account Manager


The #16002 Koozie® Olympus Kooler Backpack is one of my favorites because it holds a lot of beverages, food and snacks and does not leak! It also keeps my drinks cold for extended periods of time and the ice won’t even melt. The backpack feature makes it a very easy to carry cooler. 

I use my Olympus Kooler Backpack at outdoor events like concerts, going to the park, etc. My friends (and everyone else!) always think it’s great and ask where they can get one of their own.

Amber Sapp – Supply Chain Buyer

46247-Tervis-Classic-Sport-Bottle_1-colorThe #46247 Tervis® Classic Sport Bottle holds 24 ounces of water so it is a good size to carry with me throughout the day. The double-wall insulation keeps my drink colder longer and I also like the flip lid, it’s spill-resistant to prevent leaks!

I use this bottle at home, but it’s also my go-to item for trips to Disney! I can refill it with water in the parks for free all day long.

Kelly Diomeda – Product Marketing Manager, Apparel/Outdoor/Flashlights, Tools & Auto 

26127-Koozie-Kamp-HammockMy top product pick is the #26127 Koozie Hammock, because it’s a great value, at EQP $40.79(c) . Plus, we are the only suppliers in the promo industry who offer a water-resistant version of a hammock!

I love to just throw it in the trunk (it’s so light), and take it to the beach or park and “hang out” on the weekends. As an added bonus, it holds 500 lbs. so the kids and the dogs can fit in with me! 😊

Denise Brune – National Account Manager

46003-Koozie-Lifes-A-Party-Cup-KoolerI love the #46003 Koozie® Life’s a Party Cup Kooler.   For one, what a great name for this product -  Life’s a Party with Koozie! Second, this is a great traveler’s item. I am addicted to McDonald’s Sweet Tea and being on the road, there is a McDonald’s every 10 miles. This awesome Koozie® Cup Kooler holds a LARGE McDonald’s Sweet Tea. It keeps my drink cold longer and absorbs any condensation on the cup. Also works great for a sweet ice cream concrete!

One of the best features is that this item folds flat and fits nicely in my glove compartment and briefcase. It is always available when I need it. While on the road, I use this product every day!

What are your favorite promotional products for 2020? Visit to check out everything we have to offer and let us know!

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