Promo professionals have experienced their share of obstacles lately when it comes to goods and materials produced overseas. First there was dealing with unpredictable pricing due to tariff changes, and now COVID-19 has caused disruptions to the supply chain.

46215-britepix-Koozie-Holiday-Can-KoolerThis uncertainty has led distributors to search for impactful and affordable promos that are made right here in the U.S. In fact, a Consumer Reports survey found that almost 78% of American consumers would rather buy a USA-produced item than an imported one. Even better? 60% said they’re willing to pay 10% more for it. (1)

BIC Graphic has the largest assortment of promotional products made, assembled or printed in the USA; including top-sellers from customer favorites like BIC®, Koozie® and Tervis®. Our 1,000+ item selection includes promos suited for any client or market, at a variety of affordable price points.

Whether your clients are interested in sustainability or require order flexibility, here are 5 added benefits of USA-made promos.

1 – Good for the Environment

Eco-consciousness is a hot topic in promo right now, and there are other ways to consider environmental impact beyond just sustainable materials. Choosing products made in the USA reduces the amount of fuel used and overall carbon emissions associated with transportation. Additionally, manufacturers in the US operate by definitions outlined in the Clean Air Act while other countries have their own regulations that may be less stringent.

Tervis-Classic-TumblerTervis, a third generation family-owned-and-operated business, now employs more than 900 people and is celebrating 70+ years of Made in the USA success. BIC Graphic NA offers 1-color imprints on Tervis® drinkware with 24 hour service, and full color options with a standard 5 day lead time!

Did you know? 16 billion disposable coffee cups are used in the US each year, and only about 1 in 400 cups are actually recycled. To make the cups better hold liquid, the cardboard is often fused with a plastic lining which can’t be separated from the cardboard in some recycling plants. (2)

2 – Positive Impacts on the Economy

Buying American-made promos has financial impacts that benefit the entire economy. According to the Manufacturing Institute, every dollar in final sales of USA manufactured products supports $1.33 in output from other market sectors. That means that domestically-produced items have a powerful and positive impact on economic development, with the largest multiplier of any other sector. (3)

3 – Speedy Delivery

Popular Mechanics asked 26 of the largest manufacturers in the country, “What is the biggest advantage to USA-made products?” The common answer was being close to their customers. The benefit of speed is a big positive, especially in promo where there is an added layer of imprinting a logo on each item. It’s a lot easier to ship an item quickly when it is produced domestically rather than relying on longer transit times from other countries of origin. (4)

4 – More Flexibility

Another benefit of domestic production is that just-in-time manufacturing allows for less warehouse costs and the ability to drop ship easily to multiple locations. There is also more flexibility for smaller runs of customized products, or to push through large orders that are needed quickly.

5 – Showing your USA Pride

Spending money on items made, produced and assembled in the US not only brings and keeps money into the US economy, but demonstrates American’s pride in our nation and our independence. Promos that are produced in the USA may have added selling power and can leave a lasting, positive impression of a brand with their proud American end users.

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