Sticky Notes Cutter/Packer, – Sleepy Eye, MN

Today we recognize Maria as a Koozie Group® Hero for taking it upon herself to catch any flaws in-house and reworking them before they reach our customers. From very small scratches in the plate to the slightest bit of residue, Maria will point them all out in an effort to turn potential external credits into internal reworks.

Maria joined the Koozie Group (previously BIC Graphic NA) team as a seasonal employee in the Tinning Department more than 10 years ago. In her current role she is responsible for cutting ganged orders into individual orders, which averages 150-200 orders every day. She also boxes and ships these orders right from her department.

When it comes to People Powers, Maria is most passionate about Customer Obsession. “Our goal is to catch ALL errors in-house and NEVER pass them on to the customers,” she says. Her favorite part about working at Koozie Group is getting to work alongside awesome people everyday.

It’s not surprising that Maria’s favorite Koozie Group products are Sticky Notes – of course! Right now, she is especially excited about quality. Our Engineers recently completed months of exhaustive testing to make our Sticky Notes even better, so there is plenty to be excited about! In her spare time, Maria enjoys spending time with her family and taking family vacations because she loves to travel.

Thank you, Maria for always going above and beyond for Koozie Group’s customers!

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