Today we recognize the Employee Communications Team as heroes for their efforts in building a COVID-19 Resource Hub and members only Facebook page for BIC Graphic NA employees. Their upbeat attitudes and outstanding efforts are much appreciated for keeping our Teams informed and connected during this challenging time.

Jamie Doran, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition & Employee Communications

Jamie has been with BIC Graphic NA for one year, working tirelessly to attract and retain the best quality candidates for our organization. She also focuses on the employee and candidate experience through several HR transformation projects. In December of 2019, Jamie was asked to join Casey and Ann in leading the Employee Communications Team to provide BGNA team members with resources and up-to-date information about our business.

In building resources for COVID-19 info, Jamie’s main role was assisting with all the technical aspects, determining what communication was most critical and partnering with Barbie Winterbottom, CHRO, to launch the BIC Graphic NA members only Facebook page.

Jamie’s favorite BIC Graphic NA COVID-19 resource is that Facebook page. She loves that they created a space where employees get to interact and learn about team members from different locations. She’s proud that is has fostered a real sense of community and is another resource that emphasizes what matters most – our people!

According to Jamie, “The beauty of this HR Team is that we work so well together, from our leader and visionary, Barbie Winterbottom, to the contributions of every team member. We all contribute some vital aspect. That said, I would especially like to recognize Ann Schotzko! She jumped into this with both feet without hesitation. I am amazed by her perseverance and willingness to tackle the job and pivot to accommodate our business needs so quickly. Her thoughtful approach in everything she communicates, along with her kindness, has resonated with our people and been key in delivering communication during this crisis.”

Jamie is proud that even in a time of crisis like the current COVID-19 pandemic – where roles may not be as tightly defined – the Employee Communications Team’s individual strengths complement each other and enable them to accomplish our goals in an efficient and cohesive manner, while maintaining an upbeat and fun work environment.


Ann Schotzko, Internal Communications & Talent Acquisition

Ann has worked at BIC Graphic for 7 ½ years. Her BGNA career began as the HRBP (Human Resource Business Partner) in Sleepy Eye, MN, and began working with Jamie Doran in Talent Acquisition in the spring of 2019. This past December Ann was thrilled to be given the opportunity to add Employee Communications under Casey and Jamie to her role.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Ann has gone above and beyond to research resources, maintain and update the Resource Hubs with these resources. She is most proud of the thoughtful approach to all of the Hubs – thinking ahead to what employees may need at this time.

“This crisis is such a difficult time for our entire organization, especially for team members who are impacted by a layoff or a furlough,” says Ann. “It is our hope that the information provided on the Layoff and Furlough section of the Hub is valuable for navigating through what steps employees need to take and provides useful resources for themselves and their families during this time away from work.”

Ann would like to recognize the entire People Team for supporting their communication efforts as a top priority:

  • Barbie Winterbottom, CHRO, for her great new ideas for additions to the HUBs and communication channels to support the entire BIC Graphic team.
  • Jamie & Casey for their amazing abilities to make things happen from a technical aspect. They are Ann’s hands-on mentors – encouraging her daily to stretch, learn and grow.
  • The Sr. HR Leaders in other areas, Camilla Johnson, Stacey Russ & Kelli Trapp – for sending information on resources to add to our Hubs from their networks
  • The HRBPs Lisa Bloemke (SE), Cassie OTTO (RDW) and Jaclyn Reilly and Angela Quiroz (CLW) for providing feedback from a user perspective – so Ann can ensure information is useful, timely and accessible.

Additionally, Ann is grateful for the BIC Graphic NA’s People Leaders at all levels for bearing the load of keeping our communication channels open, honest and free-flowing. Sharing more information with and through the People Leaders reduces the uncertainty and fear that is currently called COVID-19.

These are difficult times for all, but Ann loves being part of a team that spans from Minnesota to Florida that keeps in touch using humor (GIFs), kind words, and lots of support and care for each other, even when we are not working.

A fun fact about Ann – She and her husband, John, were both born and raised in Sleepy Eye.  As a military family they were away from Sleepy Eye for just over 23 years before moving back in 2011.


Casey Walter, Senior Manager, Employee Communications & Business Transformation

Casey joined the BIC Graphic NA team in April 2018, and her current role is to partner with various departments to transform their processes with digitalization and automation. Recently, she worked on the initial set-up of the various Resource Hubs (COVID-19, work from home, etc.).

Casey’s favorite feature of the new Hubs is the “We’re in this together” section. She is proud to offer resources that help employees feel less isolated and engaged within their communities. Especially because this section is fed by employee suggestions in addition to input from the People Team.

According to Casey, “Ann Schotzko has been our team’s anchor through this time where communication to our employees is critical. She has put together a great cadence with delivering good news stories and social distancing reminders daily and also launched our first company newsletter during this time!”

Casey likes that the team keeps it interesting –  staying connected and talking to each other via GIFs on a daily basis to keep their dynamic upbeat and fun.

Thank you Casey, Ann and Jamie for keeping BIC Graphic NA employees up-to-date and informed during this challenging time!

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