Social media can be a powerful tool to grow and build your business, even while social distancing is in place. Now may be the perfect time to enhance your social media skills, grow your fan base and leverage your influence to eventually expand the reach of your business.

According to, one of the best strategies to succeed through social media is to leverage the power of other influencers. Champion could teach a master class in this approach, after using social media and selective collaborations to draw mass attention back to their brand. Here’s how they did it.

The Mark of a Champion


30 years ago, Champion® fleece was worn by everyone. From musicians in nearly every genre to athletes to tech-heads, few brands had the reach of Champion in the 90’s. However, around the turn of millennium the market changed, and athletic brands started popping up everywhere.

While it may not have been quite as visible as the decade prior, Champion continued to innovate athletic wear with the launch of Double Dry Eco Fleece and Champion® Vapor Technology in the 2000’s. Their constant forward-thinking approach and dedication to athletes positioned them as a global sportswear icon – and poised the Champion® brand for a revival like no other.

Leveraging Social Media

#CT1000 Champion® Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

By 2017, the Champion® logo started showing up on celebrities, media stars and popular Instagram influencers. Recognizing the social media potential, the brand launched capsule collections with a variety of trendsetting partners. These attention-grabbing collaborations highlighted Champion’s versatility and appealed to new audiences while still maintaining that iconic Champion® style. (1)

Now, people aren’t just wearing the brand because they see it on their favorite celebrity or influencer, they want it because it’s Champion. This power has resulted in 6.3+ million followers on Instagram and the brand is as omnipresent as it was back in the 1990’s, if not more so. Celebrating a 100 year anniversary in 2019, the Champion® 100 Years for the Team campaign presented the teams of the world to all these social media fans and followers while also sharing their heritage and products.

Benefits to Your Business

Champion is still known for their fleece, but today their fashion-forward styles are a top choice for trendsetters. Their success is great inspiration for staying true to your brand’s core while making tweaks to keep things modern and using digital channels to reach new audiences. Most consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online,(2) so using social media to stay connected to your customers – and potential customers – digitally could equal a big payoff down the line.

Be sure to take time for planning, post useful content consistently and then promote it well. Engage with your audience to learn more about their preferences and don’t be afraid to mix things up if necessary.

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