In our digital world online advertising may deliver instant impressions, but that doesn’t mean it is a smart strategy to overlook more traditional mediums. Promo products are an incredibly powerful marketing tool because they allow brands to connect with consumers by engaging their senses. Especially now, when everyone is keeping their distance, promos provide the opportunity for consumers to interact with a brand on a physical level to create a more memorable brand experience. (1)

If you’re wondering how promotional products can still boost business in the current Coronavirus climate, here are a few reasons why promos are more important than ever:

Low cost with high potential

CSANTI-Clic-Stic-Antimicrobial.pngThere’s no denying physical products last far longer than the lifespan of a digital ad or marketing email. Useful items like writing instruments, tech accessories and drinkware can get a brand exposure every time they’re used. By making an investment in promo products, businesses can see a return on that investment for weeks, months or even years. Plus, 85% of promotional product recipients do business with the advertiser on the product. (2)

Antimicrobial writing instruments like the #CSANTI BIC® Clic Stic® Antimicrobial Pen are timely, low cost promos that include PrevaGuard, an EPA registered antimicrobial additive that is molded directly into the pen’s plastic components to help suppress the growth of bacteria, molds, mildew and fungi. Plus, PrevaGuard lasts the life of the product (unless the plastic is destroyed), providing added protection for food delivery, healthcare and other industries that are open during stay-at-home orders – and are sure to be in-demand long into the future.

Creating Connection

According to Forbes, 94% of top executives believe gifts create a deeper personal connection thath is important to business success, and over 80% of C-suite execs believe promotional gifts generate measurable ROI in addition to those intangible benefits. When you can’t physically interact with customers and employees, promotional products help build a connection through a useful, tangible item.

46311-Koozie-Triple-Vacuum-Tumbler-16-ounceSending employees who are working from home a branded item like a #46311 Koozie Triple Vacuum Tumbler can build co-worker connection when everyone on a Zoom call sees their colleagues sipping coffee from the same company-branded drinkware. Themed kits developed for new ways of working/learning, getting fit at home and showing appreciation for healthcare workers may be just what your customers need right now to make a meaningful impression with their clients. You can even take connection a step further by presenting useful and relevant items in a virtual trade show or Zoom presentation.

Better Than a Business Card

P4A3A50-BIC-Sticky-Note-Notepad.JPGThere is a lot less handing out of business cards nowadays. Beyond just being impractical while social distancing is in place, business cards tend to find the bottom of a desk drawer and live there forever. Promotional products can work in the exact same way as a card, but recipients will recall your business every time they look at and/or use the item. A simple tote bag, Sticky Note™ notepad, sticker or magnet are affordable ways to keep your business top of mind.

An Industry that Adapts

41165-hand-sanitizerThe COVID-19 crisis has greatly impacted nearly every industry, and promo suppliers and distributors have made shifts to provide what people want and need. With event cancellations, temporary business closures and marketing budgets drastically reduced, the industry has turned to personal protective equipment (PPE) to help their clients. The industry’s strong sourcing and manufacturing capabilities are now providing items to battle the Coronavirus pandemic like face masks and hand sanitizer.(3)

In addition to using the industry’s strong supply chain to provide PPE, promo distributors and suppliers can make an impact with those who are missing big life moments due to safety precautions. 2020 Graduates who can’t have commencement ceremonies can still feel special by recognizing their achievements with gifts like the #16148 Senior Graduation Kit. Promo products are uniquely suited to meet needs as customers dictate, a connection which makes them one of the most powerful forms of advertising.v

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