Manufacturing Supervisor – Sleepy Eye, MN

Today we honor Ric as a BIC Graphic North America Hero for his tremendous effort in soliciting Safety Observations! He created an atmosphere of friendly competition within his departments to jump start the process, and he did a great job engaging associates to help continue our efforts in creating a culture of Safety.

Ric started with BIC Graphic NA in August 2010 as a Cutter Operator. After a couple years he moved into a Facilitator role, then into Supervision where he has been for three years. He is responsible for the BIC® Sticky Notes and Cubes Department, the Cutting & Collating department and the Auto-Padding Department.

Recently, Ric’s day-to-day centers around quality. He is working on several projects dealing with quality, credits and returns. His favorite part of working at BIC Graphic NA is the great people he works with at the Sleepy Eye, MN facility. He is also really excited about our new digital web press because he believes it will be a complete game changer for our business!

The BGNA People Power Ric is most passionate about is One Team. “It takes the entire team to get the orders out correctly and on time. If one part of the TEAM happens to struggle, another part of the TEAM will step up and help out,” he says.

Ric’s favorite BIC Graphic products are BIC® Sticky Note™ Notepads, Scratch Pads, Cubes and Desk Pads — of course! In his spare time, you can find Ric fishing because as the saying goes . . . A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day of working! He also has five children and two grandchildren, but says he still acts like the youngest one in the bunch!

Thanks, Ric, for incorporating our One Team People Power to create a culture of Safety at BIC Graphic NA!


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  1. Way to go Ric! You deserve this recognition.
    I learned so much from you, and you are an awesome supervisor. Its a pleasure working with you!

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