Coronavirus has impacted every aspect of daily life, and one area where it has created a lot of questions is higher education. Both institutions and students alike are uncertain about what learning will look like in the months and years ahead.

Despite confusion, the Education and Collegiate market – or any business looking to connect with the student crowd – can use current trends to make the right impression. Here are some of the trends that organizations are embracing in the new normal that is 2020.

Video is (still) On Top

You can’t go far online without running into a Tik Tok challenge, the latest example of the appeal of video. In the age of COVID-19, video is going to be a key tool in reaching college students and even has the potential to improve learning.

Plus, there is plenty of data that shows college students prefer to connect via video:

  • 93% of people between the ages of 18-24 use YouTube at least once a week, and the majority use it every day. (1)
  • YouTube overall and YouTube on mobile reaches more 18-34 year olds than any cable network in the U.S.(2)
  • TikTok has 26.5 million monthly active users in the U.S. and 50% of their global audience is under the age of 34. (3)
  • On Facebook, video gets 60% more engagement than other posts

Students are looking for educational videos that cut to the chase when providing information. Charismatic speakers and shorter video length hold their attention best, and the option to watch videos on their own schedule helps students feel empowered in their learning. (4)

Tech items like multi-function phone stands, headphones or earbuds keep brands front-and-center every time students watch a video.

You can also expect 2020 to be the year that many universities roll out 360-degree online tours as part of their digital strategy. This is becoming a necessity with social distancing, and also saves potential students the time and expense of in-person visits. (5)

Online Opportunity

#32415 Education Kit

Many large schools are shifting to online-only classes, especially in areas that were centers of the Coronavirus outbreak. Instead of thousands of students descending on campuses across the country, schools are rolling out remote learning programs to avoid drops in enrollment. (6)

There is still potential for promotional products to reach students and supporters, with a simple shift in thinking. Items like the #32415 Education Kit or #16149 KAPSTON® Graduation Kit branded with their school’s logo can help students feel like they’re part of the group when they can’t be with the group on campus.

Simple Social Storytelling

More colleges and universities are also embracing social media to learn about their students, engage in meaningful conversations and gain feedback. Simple messaging on social media is being embraced by higher education digital teams. Why? Because it works!

Using “minimalist” design allows marketing targeted to students to feel more emotional by focusing on substantial captions and great storytelling. Subtle colors, sleek typefaces and straightforward layouts complement meaningful content and appeal to younger generations who are overwhelmed by sensory input. (6)

Commuting vs. On Campus

While some institutions are staying online, others have started announcing their plans for in-person classes beginning the fall of 2020. In many cases that means students will return to campus to single-person dorm rooms and socially distanced lifestyles.

However, students who have living arrangements near campus are choosing to commute to avoid the added risk of staying in the dorm. For colleges that are holding the majority of classes online, students will still be commuting onto campus for necessary labs or clinics that must be held in-person. Institutions with a higher number of students who live off-campus could even be better equipped to thrive during a longer stretch of remote learning, if necessary. (7)

Commuters will appreciate items that make their on-the-go learning easier, like tumblers and backpacks.

Do you predict any new trends for colleges during Coronavirus? Visit to see our picks for products that appeal to what’s trending for higher education in 2020.

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