It’s certainly been an unforgettable year and as we head into Q4 it’s worth taking a look at how COVID-19 is changing gifting in 2020. The traditional year-end celebrations may be few and far between, but a little gift can certainly go a long way towards connecting with your customers.

Plus, getting creative with gift-giving provides an opportunity for end-buyers to let recipients know they are there for them and appreciate their hard work. (1) There is even potential for items that typically aren’t options to really strike a chord in the current, unique climate.

Key considerations that make gifting in 2020 different than in the past:

  • Customers’ budgets may be drastically reduced compared to previous years. Take time to understand both their business goals and the motivation behind their gift-giving to find creative solutions that work within their budget.
  • Many customers will be facing an uncertain future as they look towards 2021. However, gifting provides a great opportunity for connection and is sure to be appreciated after a year of staying apart.
  • Many company parties and awards dinners may be cancelled this year. However, companies who can, should still give gifts to in-office employees and ship them to workers at home. The smallest gesture can still feel personal and promote teamwork.  
  • COVID-19 has affected businesses differently. Be prepared with ideas for high-end products for smaller groups as well as large quantities of budget-friendly items. Clients who had big budgets in the past can still keep their brand top-of-mind with more affordable gifts worth giving.

We’ve gathered some of our top gift picks for 2020, with options for both the premium gift-giver and the budget-conscious buyer. Also taking into consideration the way people are working, spending time and looking forward to what’s ahead.

People are starting to travel again but may still be avoiding taking to the air. A roomy and stylish bag like the #16082 KAPSTON® San Marco Duffel is great for the gym or a weekend road trip now, and for bigger trips in the future.

Hiking, camping, boating and just spending time outdoors are perfect activities during the pandemic. A #32401 Koozie® Fabric Waterproof Bluetooth® Speaker is a memorable gift that is also the perfect companion for enjoying music and more at home or on-the-go.

A nice branded garment like the #CS2083 Champion Eco® Powerblend® ¼ Zip is always a winner with recipients. The on-trend style is perfect for staying comfortable while working from home yet still looks polished in an office environment.

Help employees get excited and make big plans for what’s to come with a #8109 Triumph® Calendars Daily Time Manager. This classic office essential is more than just a useful and attractive promo. This year a paper planner gives recipients a much needed break from screens.

The tradition of giving writing instruments is as popular as ever, and an elegant pen like the #WCCB BIC® Worthington® Chrome Ballpoint Pen is an excellent way to show appreciation.

In addition, an elevated stylus pen like the #55946 Souvenir® Armor Stylus Pen is both budget-friendly and useful in a time when everyone wants to limit touching screens.

2020 has certainly been… memorable. We think there are still plenty of reasons to end the year on a positive note, and hope you’ll visit to shop thousands of creative gift-giving solutions. Remember, the right gift can not only recognize employees and clients for a job well done, but also boost spirits for 2021!

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