As COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the United States, there seems to be new hope that a path out of the Coronavirus pandemic is forming. In the promotional products industry, this hope includes the reinstatement of postponed events, small businesses reopening and clients restarting initiatives that were put on hold back in March 2020. (1)

As we move closer to a post-pandemic marketplace, now is the time to look at what products will interest end buyers as well as updated strategies for marketing your promo services.

Permanent Precautions

Over the last year, distributors and suppliers have sold large quantities of PPE-related products, with some companies reporting their largest-ever single sales due to opportunities created by shortcomings of traditional PPE supply chains. (2) And while future sales may slow down, many believe PPE isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. People will still want to be cautious and interested in items like face masks, PrevaGuard™ products and hand sanitizers – especially in industries like travel, healthcare and food/beverage.


Virtual vs. In-Person

Virtual connectivity that became prominent during the pandemic may end up being a long-term change for businesses who have seen cost savings in travel, labor hours, office space, etc. Over the next few months, be sure to meet with clients via their preferred method of contact whether that be virtual or in-person. Focusing on your clients’ needs and researching the best way to help meet their goals can also guide any changes you may need to make in your own marketing and selling initiatives.

Event Excitement

Just as is expected within the travel industry, event attendance is going to explode post-pandemic because people are so eager to get out of the house. Once people start feeling more comfortable socializing and more regulations are lifted there will be more need for event-related promotional products. However, it’s important not to get too excited (yet) as this may be a slow comeback. Event operation and attendance after COVID is highly dependent upon the vaccine rollout and how safe consumers will feel gathering in large groups again. (3)


More New Behaviors

Across the board consumers are looking toward a (hopefully soon) return to normal. But that “normal” will still be a little different than the world before the pandemic. A recent study identified what will define consumer behavior in the months ahead and the key takeaways are also helpful for promotional product distributors looking to connect with end buyers: (4)

  • Convenience is king! Remember how easy daily life used to be? Consumers are ready to get back what they took for granted with a newfound appreciation. Providing a great customer experience will guide purchasing decisions and build loyalty. Consider expanding your services and sharing your creative expertise to add even more value for your clients.
  • Social impact matters! Buyers were focused on companies’ values prior to 2020, but the pandemic has increased the urgency, awareness and momentum of social impact and sustainability initiatives. Learn more about Koozie Group’s Keep it. Give it. commitment and shop KG Factor/eco-friendly promos anytime at!
  • Wellness has been trendy for a while, but now the health term includes safe practices and precautions like mask wearing, hand washing and sanitizing as regular habits. Be sure to stay up-to-date on the latest health, wellness and safety items so you can suggest promos that will help clients make a memorable impression with end users.

Are you ready for what’s next once the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us? If you’re considering how you want to approach post-pandemic promos, Koozie Group has your back with sales tools and resources to help build your business. Learn more at

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