Today are excited to announce a new brand partnership with Dri Mark. Since 1958, Dri Mark has been a leader in the marker manufacturing industry. In fact, they were the first in the United States to sell an instant-dry marker. Since then, Dri Mark has become the standard for highlighters, dry erase markers, and permanent markers, which makes them a perfect fit with our core competencies. These two dual-use Dri Mark® writing instruments are great in so many settings, from the office to the classroom to at-home work environments.

56048 Dri Mark® Double Header Highlighter Nylon Pen Combo

Save some space on your desk with this dual-use pen/highlighter combo. Perfect for jotting notes or highlighting important text, it features a nylon pen on one end and a yellow conical highlighter on the other. Easily switch from writing to highlighting while editing documents, writing a to-do list, or studying for a big exam.

56049 Dri Mark® Double Header Highlighter Ball Pen Combo

This versatile two-in-one highlighter and ballpoint combo is perfect for making notes and highlighting things to remember. Easily flip back and forth between the yellow conical highlighter on one end and the ballpoint on the other. Both ends have caps to prevent mishaps when not in use.

Go to to check out these great new Dri Mark® products and all our innovative writing instruments.

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