Writing Instruments continue to be a top selling product category – both ASI and PPAI reported it as the 2nd largest product category (2014 year end data). Globally, the market for Writing and Marking Instruments is projected to reach US $17.5 billion by 2020, driven by product innovations, an increase in home offices, growing interest in luxury writing instruments and increasing literacy rates in emerging countries (according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc., published November 2014).

In the US, 50% of consumers own logoed writing instruments. Writing Instruments are the most commonly owned promotional product and are used most often – over 18 times per month!

As simple as they seem, pens can get technical and are strongly influenced by trends.

HONOR_familyGel Pens continue to be popular. The pigment is suspended in a water-based gel and supports a higher proportion of pigment allowing it to show up more clearly on dark or slick surfaces.

Blue ink is gaining popularity as more and more industries require a blue ink signature to distinguish original documents from copies. Colorful ink colors are also popular in retail.

The industry is seeing increased demand of low-priced metal or aluminum Writing Instruments that target a more youthful demographic with miniature styles and vibrant colors driven by fashion and home trends.

There is also increased demand in technology driven products, particularly for business gifts. These pens can include a touchscreen stylus, LED flashlights, multiple ink colors or even USBs.

And of course smooth-writing action is critical, so no matter how many bells and whistles a pen has, if it doesn’t write well – it won’t be kept or used with any frequency.

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~Margit Fawbush

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