When your clients are looking for brands that specialize in a specific target market or trend, you can count on BIC Graphic NA to provide exactly what they need. After all, we have the best brands in the business!

Here is a collection of our favorite brand partners and the specific markets that they appeal to so your clients can make a big impression with their next promo campaign.

Brands to Fire Up your Tailgate

Tailgate parties are essential for a true game day experience that gives fans the opportunity to have a good time before they even enter the stadium. With 73% of tailgaters spending more than $200 per season on supplies, brands who add some fun to the promotional party are sure to get some tailgating attention. (1)

Click here to check out brands that will take tailgate parties up a notch.


Brands for Smart Devices

People love smart devices because they are fast and effective at what they do. By having some level of automation and local computing, smart devices have made everyday life more efficient. (2) Promos from brands with accessories designed for smart devices are a great way for distributors to get their clients’ messages in front of a growing audience.

Click here to see some of our favorite brands that enhance smart devices.


Athletic Brands

We already know there is a lot of potential in the fitness vertical market, but athletic-focused brands can deliver on-trend promotional items to any industry and market sector. With the best brands in the business, BIC Graphic NA is your resource for promos from athletic brands your clients will love.

Click here to learn more about our favorite athletic brands for fitness-focused end users.


Life-Proof Brands

Today’s products need to be “life proof”, built to survive workday challenges, time spent outdoors and even just general human clumsiness. Did you know that falling down while walking is the third leading cause of unintentional injuries for 18-35 year olds? (3) When it comes to promotional products, brands that specialize in functional and durable items can help companies get more brand impressions while reinforcing an advertiser’s own high-quality reputation.

Click here to check out great brands for life-proof promotions.


Eco-Friendly Brands

It’s clear that a growing number of end users prefer brands with green appeal. Promo products that are functional and eco-friendly help leave a feel-good impression while spreading a company’s message. BIC Graphic NA is your resource for environmentally focused products your clients will love.

Click here to see products from some of our favorite environmentally friendly brands.


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