As a distributor, you know the benefits of using promotional products to market a business. In fact, 85% of promo recipients recall the advertiser and promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising. (1) In addition to providing effective promotional items for your clients, sharing your creative expertise can help you become a promo powerhouse.

Idea Generation

Comprehensive solutions are a great way to help build a brand. For instance, the impact of a promotional item can increase when it becomes part of a larger campaign. Utilizing your internal creative resources to generate marketing plans for your clients – including design, copy writing, research, etc. – shows you are more than just an average distributor.

Building a creative campaign doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, even if imaginative thinking isn’t your forte. Here are a few methods to get you started: (2)

  • Absence Thinking: Start with what your client is focused on, then take time to notice what is not there. Define a strategy that is all encompassing to appeal to more end users.
  • Art Streaming: Break through the blocks by creating non-stop. Let your subconscious produce by drawing, writing or just talking until a workable idea appears.
  • Incubation: Immerse yourself in the task, exploring every angle and detail. Then take a step back and do nothing. Your subconscious will eventually reward your patience by supplying an idea. Use that idea as a starting point to build a promo campaign.
  • Wishing: Think of your client’s situation in a wishful way that is beyond sensible or practical. Be playful and explore out-of-the-box thoughts. Start your brainstorming session saying “Wouldn’t it be nice if. . .” and see what unique ideas develop.

Recognize Greatness

Rewarding performance is just good business. Recognized employees are happy employees that are much more likely to stay with their employer. (4) Working with clients to develop an incentive and recognition program will help them to inspire their team and achieve greater success. Help your clients to set up programs to acknowledge anniversary milestones, hitting sales goals, or anything specific to their company that deserves recognition.

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Think beyond just awards and plaques when it comes to recognition and incentive programs. Remind clients that drinkware, luggage, outdoor gear and technology items are all great ways to show employees they are appreciated.

First Impressions Matter

Packaging can bring a “wow” factor to any promotional item. Offering custom packaging options is an added service that can create memorable moments for your clients. Packaging solutions include:

  • Gift Boxes
  • Annual Reports
  • Presentations
  • Displays
  • Media Kits

Make sure your clients know that the right packaging can support their brand identity and elevate a presentation to truly impress the end.

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A Step Above with Digital

Providing digital marketing solutions can reinforce your business as modern and innovative. Taking to the online space with videos, website development, social media, interactive presentations, automation and more can help turn your clients’ promotions into immersive campaigns. Additionally, digital marketing can be faster than traditional advertising and easily shared via social media or online conversations.

If your own business is set up for eCommerce, why not use your expertise to magnify your client’s online presence? Setting up an online store has benefits like 24/7 shopping, a widened customer base and purchase-funnel clarity (tracking). Online retail is also growing at a rate that is 3x the growth rate of the retail industry overall. (5) Go above and beyond for clients by helping with the latest technology to enhance their marketing efforts and you both may see increased cash flow.

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Fun Stat! Over 51% of smartphone users have found new brands or products while searching from their mobile device. (6)

Providing digital strategies alongside promotional items makes you a well-rounded marketing solutions provider. Clients can also reduce costs and simplify processes by using one distributor for full-service marketing support.

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