Every election year provides big opportunities for political promotional product sales. In fact, in the last few decades, political marketing has become a multibillion dollar industry. Campaign managers and strategists have found candidate “swag” to be a powerful branding tool that can boost their entire platform, not just increase a candidate’s name recognition. (1)

Political branding has been around for centuries, but in more recent elections, digital technology and social media have taken things up a notch. Voters are paying attention to candidate’s relatability as much as their platform. The media has taken note of this shift in interest and is often more likely to cover the latest controversy instead of just policy points. (2)

As a result, campaign messaging has become more simplistic and focused – which lends itself well to promotional products. Focusing on a few key issues and an overall strategy turns into a slogan that promotes what a candidate is all about, in one simple message. So, what can we expect this election year? Traditional promos may move aside in 2020 for options that can still have an impact in the age of Coronavirus.

The third and fourth quarters usually have the highest percentages of promo sales to candidates and campaigns. Use these ideas for promo’s new role in politics to help gain more sales in the political sector going into the second half of 2020.

CSANTI-Clic-Stic-Antimicrobial.pngWriting instruments have historically been the promo products that are sold most to candidates, making up 75% of sales. It’s hard to ignore the power of pen promos for politicians with tight budgets, with a low cost per impression and an average lifespan that will last long past election day (3). Making the switch to a writing instrument with an antimicrobial additive like the #CSANTI BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pen can help campaigns harness the impact of this powerful giveaway while recognizing public concerns regarding COVID-19.

41165-hand-sanitizer-packetSpeaking of giveaways with impact, #41165 Hand Sanitizer Packets are a great promotional product for election offices, polling locations and on-the-go along the campaign trail. These small, affordable and effective packets have a full color imprint area to promote powerful messages, and contain Isopropyl alcohol 75% v/v Antiseptic to promote safe and healthy practices.

Candidates have continued to campaign digitally, through virtual town halls and videos to connect with potential voters. Logoed apparel and headwear are both great ways to show off a logo or campaign slogan for the duration of a video, with good potential to get ongoing impressions every time that video is shared. Plus, campaign supporters are sure to appreciate receiving a tee shirt or hat that they just saw on their preferred candidate as a “thank you” for their contributions, getting even more impressions with every wear.

#26185 Cap America Sports Performance Cap

45140C_budget-mug-colors-11-ounceEven as safer at home orders are lifted, Americans are continuing to work from home. Useful promos that help establish a candidate’s brand and core values while relating to the “new normal” may help them get ahead with potential voters.  A simple webcam cover can keep a message front-and-center 40 hours a week and a #45140C Budget Mug can reinforce a strong message with every sip. Both at affordable price points that fit within tight campaign budgets.

#SND4A50 BIC® Sticky Note™ Notepad

End users are becoming more cautious regarding goods and materials produced overseas. First there was unpredictable pricing changes, and now COVID-19 has caused supply chain disruptions and safety uncertainty. As a result, political campaigns are turning toward impactful and affordable promos that are made in the USA. Products that are made, assembled or printed in the USA can offer more flexibility, have positive economic impacts and show USA pride – all factors that can make a lasting positive impression on voters.

Promotional products have a significant place in politics, helping to build brand images, spread policy messaging and raise campaign funds. Visit bicgraphic.com for more campaign merch and political promos that can help candidates make their mark in upcoming elections.

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