Our newest brand partner, Outdoor Recreation Company of America (ORCA) is a highly imaginative company that was created by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. They not only manufacture a huge selection of USA-made items, but they guarantee their coolers will exceed customers’ expectations for life.

The team at ORCA is proud of their products, and they want their customers to be proud too. The ORCA® brand is bright, colorful, custom and fun, but their products are still tough enough to handle whatever life’s adventures bring.

Why ORCA? (1)

  1. The creative, design, engineering and sales teams at ORCA understand the possibilities are endless on what they can create for their customers. With their vast selection of product colors and a large full color imprint right on top, ORCA® coolers are sure to get your clients’ brands noticed.
  2. The outdoor industry has always been very white, tan and green. ORCA is breaking out of that mold. Their coolers are available in colors that express their customers’ personalities. Whoever you are and whatever you enjoy doing, ORCA has something to keep you cool while doing it!
  3. ORCA understands that being an outdoor enthusiast doesn’t have to be grueling. The average person enjoys spending time outside because it’s fun – and so is the ORCA® brand! They want you to take their brightly colored, custom engineered, best-in-class products with you anywhere. Whether on the boat with friends, tailgating at your alma mater or hanging out by your backyard bonfire; ORCA wants to be there making it that much more enjoyable.
  4. ORCA® hard sided coolers are guaranteed to be free from material or workmanship defects under normal use and service. If your product is found to be defective under their warranty, your cooler or component will be repaired, or you will be provided with a replacement cooler or component – for the lifetime of the product!

Bear Resistant

Outdoor enthusiasts understand the importance of protecting themselves and bears while in the wild. In fact, bear resistant containers are mandatory in some national parks and wilderness areas. The team at ORCA has put their coolers to the test against the elements in their own backyards and while traveling around the world. Whether fishing, hiking, camping or relaxing; ORCA’s® bear resistant coolers have withstood whatever was thrown at them, and they guarantee the same for their customers.

An ORCA® Cooler that survived bear resistant testing.

Giving Back

ORCA is proud to continually support their loyal customers by giving back to the organizations and groups that benefit them. This includes Wounded Warrior programs, breast cancer programs, national conservation organizations and local community groups. One of their primary tenets is to help increase America’s work force through the manufacture of their products in the United States.

Visit bicgraphic.com for more details on ORCA® hard sided coolers, and learn more about how they use American labor and American-made components to Make Every Moment Cool.

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