Koozie Group (previously BIC Graphic North America) has implemented an expanded social impact and sustainability commitment called Keep it. Give it. The program is new for the Top 10 Supplier and aligns with their mission to keep the good going® by leaving a positive, lasting impact with the solutions and experiences they deliver.

“We’ve always been proud to be an industry leader in safety, social compliance and environmental stewardship and active in supporting local organizations, but knew we wanted to do more for our employees, our industry and our communities,” said Melissa Ralston, Koozie Group CMO. “We created a cross-functional steering committee and based on input from our people, developed a three-year goal plan to identify all of the objectives we are striving to achieve within four key areas:”

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a workplace culture where all employees feel welcome through education, inclusive recruitment and outreach. These efforts are guided by a 26 member, employee-led Diversity and Inclusion Council that was formed in mid-2020. This Council has helped identify Koozie Group’s diverse workforce that is reflective of the communities in which the supplier operates, 56% female and 38.5% minority, as they work towards the supplier’s first-ever annual diversity report. All employees have already attended an unconscious bias speaker presentation, and Leadership has completed a 1-day unconscious bias workshop to hold regular insight discussions with all team members.

Giving Back to Employees and Community

Empowering Koozie Group team members to innovate, inspire and deliver amazing experiences for their customers and communities. Providing training and development programs, added perks, tuition reimbursement, community service opportunities and dedicating 3% of EBITDA to 501(c)(3) charitable causes as chosen by the employee population.

Safety and Social Responsibility

Koozie Group’s commitment to brand safety and responsible sourcing includes C-TPAT Tier II certification, CPSIA, applicable FDA regulations, technology standards and Prop 65 compliance. 100% of products will not launch until all applicable testing standards have passing results, and all products are re-tested every two to four years. The Koozie Group Experience Safety Council also conducts regular analysis to provide safer work environments and suppliers are held to the same standards for product and workplace safety.

Environmental Stewardship

Koozie Group strives to improve sustainability and eco-consciousness in five areas; facilities, transportation, packaging, recycling and products. This includes 75% of new products launched carrying the KG Factor designation, identifying items with a high likelihood of being kept or gifted as determined by an impartial survey of end consumers.

“Establishing the Keep it. Give it. program reinforces our commitment to giving back to our team, our communities and the promotional products industry. The program will ensure that we leave a positive, lasting impact with the solutions and experiences we deliver for everyone who interacts with Koozie Group.”

Melissa Ralston, Koozie Group CMO

This is the Supplier’s first comprehensive social and environmental responsibility endeavor and was entirely developed by a cross-functional steering committee of Koozie Group team members. This group will regularly assess the Keep it. Give it. program’s impact alongside Koozie Group executive leadership. The first Keep it. Give it. Annual Report, which includes an established three-year goal plan (KG2024), is now available to view at kooziegroup.com. You can also learn more ways Koozie Group is keeping the good going at kooziegroup.com/change-for-good.

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