Accounts Receivable Associate – Clearwater, FL

Today we honor Tammy as a Koozie Group® Hero for doing an exceptional job working with distributors and going above and beyond to help her colleagues when needed. In fact, Tammy was recently given positive shout outs in three different distributor reviews, helping us continue on our journey towards providing exceptional customer experiences.

Tammy started with Koozie Group (previously BIC Graphic) five years ago as a credit analyst temp in January 2016. A year later, she was brought on board permanently in 2017. Day-to-day she manages many accounts with collections and reconciliations, releases orders and requests payments.

When she isn’t busy responding to emails and taking calls, Tammy is excited about working on different projects everyday and learning new skills so she can better know the business and deliver for our customers. She likes being self-sufficient, so the more she learns, the easier it makes her job.

When it comes to People Powers, Tammy can’t pick just one. She is passionate about all of them because you can’t have one without the other. But her favorite part of working at Koozie Group is her team. Tammy says, “Everyone brings so much to the table! They are very hard working and dedicated.”

Tammy’s favorite Koozie Group product is the #41163 Glacial Diamond Tumbler – 20 oz. because she says it is the bomb! It was also the first gift she received from the company back in 2016. In her spare time Tammy enjoys cooking, trying DIY hacks, sitting outside on a sunny day and spending time with her family – four beautiful grown humans and three granddaughters. She is a Florida native who loves seafood and has never seen snow! Another fun fact about Tammy is that she has two different color eyes.

Thank you, Tammy, for always making sure distributors’ interactions with Koozie Group are top-notch!

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