The concept of recycling has been around for thousands of years, but our modern-day understanding of the term emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, spurred on by the environmental movement. (1) The pandemic has heightened awareness of sustainability issues. In a recent survey, 87% of people said that companies should integrate environmental concerns into their products, services, and operations. (2) One step we can all take to embrace our inner green is to buy products made of recycled materials. That’s where recycled PET (RPET) comes in.

PET – or polyethylene terephthalate – is the most common type of resin. It is used to make plastic containers that hold anything from water to shampoo to peanut butter to cleaning solution. Because very few PET containers can re-enter the production cycle as food-grade containers, manufacturers have developed a process for recycling PET into a polyester fabric – or RPET. (3)

Why Choose RPET Products?

  • Recycled PET polyester is equivalent in quality to newly produced polyester.
  • Recycling PET helps decrease the amount of plastic waste entering landfills.
  • Using RPET polyester reduces the need for new material and saves natural resources such as oil and natural gas.
  • Creating RPET uses 59% less energy than creating virgin PET products. (4)

Since we’re all about sustainability efforts here at Koozie Group, we’ve launched several new products made of RPET fabrics. You can look for even more items, including writing instruments, in 2022.

KAPSTON® Willow Recycled Backpack: Item # 16193

KAPSTON® Willow Recycled Backpack: Item # 16193

This trendy eco-conscious backpack has everything you need for your multitasking life with interior organizing pockets, a front zippered pocket, two side pockets, and a fully lined inside with a cushioned laptop sleeve. The padded adjustable shoulder straps provide all-day comfort as you run errands, navigate your commute, or tackle a busy day of classes.  

Recycled equivalent content: 17 (16 oz.) water bottles

Atchison® Recycled PET TranSport It Tote: Item # AP8400ECO

Atchison® Recycled PET TranSport It Tote: Item # AP8400ECO

This versatile tote comes complete with a front slip pocket, a mesh water bottle pocket, a side cell phone pocket, and pen and business card pockets. The main compartment has plenty of room for all your daily essentials and zips shut to keep everything where it belongs. Shoulder-length handles make it easy to carry throughout the day.

Recycled equivalent content: 12 (16 oz.) water bottles

Recycled PET Blanket Item: # 26231

Recycled PET Blanket Item: # 26231

Made from 100% recycled PET, this warm and comfortable blanket is perfect for a picnic or cozying up by the fire. Finished edge stitching gives it an upgraded look.

Recycled equivalent content: 27 (16 oz.) water bottles

Recycled PET Two-Tone Pouch Item: # 16168

Recycled PET Two-Tone Pouch Item: # 16168

Diagonal detailing makes this handy pouch pop. It zips closed to keep small items secure and features a front slip pocket for extra organization. The carry handle loops through a grommet for added durability.

Recycled equivalent content: 2 (16 oz.) water bottles

Atchison® Recycled PET Center Court Duffel: Item # AP6810ECO

Atchison® Recycled PET Center Court Duffel: Item # AP6810ECO

Gear up for a weekend getaway or a trip to the gym with this eco-minded duffel. It has plenty of space inside its zippered main compartment and slip pockets on the front for convenient places to tuck your phone and other items you want to keep accessible. Carry it two ways using either the shoulder strap or fabric-wrapped handles.

Recycled equivalent content: 19 (16 oz.) water bottles

As buyers become more eco-savvy, we’ve got you covered. Find more recycled PET products and other eco-conscious items at, including our KG Factor items that lessen environmental impact through longevity.

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