10 Creative and Unique Promotional Product Ideas to Impress (even while social distancing)

Our world of increased connectivity is great - especially now, when people aren’t getting together in person. In addition to providing multiple ways to communicate one-on-one, digital mediums now give businesses more opportunities than ever to get exposure for their brands. While connectivity is good, increased visibility also means that sometimes people tune things out. … Continue reading 10 Creative and Unique Promotional Product Ideas to Impress (even while social distancing)

Flexible Work is Functional

With the landscape of how Americans work changing quickly, workplace flexibility is more important then ever. So, what exactly is “flexible work”? The term can include all types of part-time positions, flex-time, freelance, contracting and working anywhere outside of a standard office environment. As the most highly regarded form of advertising, promotional products are an … Continue reading Flexible Work is Functional

Highly Effective Work from Home Office Essentials

Work-life balance is a foundational value for businesses with a strong corporate culture. More American employees are working remotely, but even when those workers return to the office, the atmosphere matters. In fact, according to Adam Heitzman, co-founder of HigherVisibility and author at the American business magazine Inc., “Having engaging workspaces for your employees isn’t … Continue reading Highly Effective Work from Home Office Essentials

5 Benefits of USA-Made Products

Promo professionals have experienced their share of obstacles lately when it comes to goods and materials produced overseas. First there was dealing with unpredictable pricing due to tariff changes, and now COVID-19 has caused disruptions to the supply chain. This uncertainty has led distributors to search for impactful and affordable promos that are made right … Continue reading 5 Benefits of USA-Made Products

Why BIC® Brand?

As the exclusive supplier of BIC® brand promotional products in the industry, BIC Graphic NA knows the BIC® name stands for superior quality, reliability, and safety. Each BIC® product has at its core our values of innovation, simplicity, and reliability. You can count on BIC® products working every time, everywhere. With fresh designs, unending color … Continue reading Why BIC® Brand?

What’s New this Month? April 2019

BIC Graphic is pleased to announce over 45 new products across six categories launching in April!  Here are some of our favorite new items: Writing Instruments The Souvenir® story continues with the modern pop styling of the #55983 Souvenir® Fuse Pen. The unique grip, white barrel, chrome accents and a branded Souvenir® band near the plunger … Continue reading What’s New this Month? April 2019