One way to become the go-to source for what’s hot in promo is to stay on top of the latest product trends. Knowing which brands and items are popular in the moment is a great way for your clients to promote their business or organization with items that end-users will love.

Here is a collection of recent trends to give you the knowledge you need to help your clients make a memorable impression with trendy promo campaigns.

Winter Trends for Winning Promos

Taking cues from pop culture and the growing popularity of self-care; clients can stand out from the crown when suggesting promos that enhance mindfulness, have a retro twist or are best used in the great outdoors.

Here are the hottest trends for building winning promo campaigns this winter.

Going Retro | Take a Hike | Mindfulness Moment

Hot Summer Trends

If you’re looking to heat up sales in the summer months, suggesting items that are trending is a great way to get your clients’ attention. Whether capitalizing on hot colors and hues or of-the-moment lifestyle trends, these items are sure to be popular with end users.

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Calming Tones | Neon Glow | Feeling Blue
Outdoors in Style | Eco Everyday | Insta-Worthy | Jet-Setting

Two Tones • Portable Audio • Patterns

Product trends often mimic what is happening in the the creative arts and cultural landscape at that moment. From unexpected color combinations to a resurgence of pattern or using music to create a soundtrack to your life on-the-go, knowing what trendsetters are into will give your business a competitive edge.

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Illumination • Texture • Edge-to-Edge Expression

Every promo distributor knows that clients are always interested in what’s new and will make a memorable impact with end-users. Knowing which trends people want is a powerful thing for providing insight into what’s in-demand in the promo industry.

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Illumination | Texture | Edge-to-Edge Expression

Gradients • Marble • Wireless

When it comes to identifying future trends in promo, savvy distributors will look to retail to find inspiration, develop campaign ideas and build creative solutions for your clients.

Click here to learn more about retail trends that translate to high-impact promos.

Gradients | Marble | Wireless

Trends to Drive Success

Taking time to know what is fresh and exciting in the promotional products industry can keep your business at the forefront of clients’ needs while giving you a competitive advantage.

Click here to learn about timeless promo trends that will help you stay ahead of the curve and drive success.

Color-Blocking | Live Fit | Metallic | Multi-Function | Color-Changing

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