Knowing more about the different promotional products categories is one way to set yourself up for success. Offering a diverse range of products can help you reach new audiences, appeal to different vertical markets and help grow your business.

Check out these articles on some of the top-selling product categories, and enhance your promo expertise to help your clients and secure more sales.

Writing Instruments

It’s no secret that writing instruments are a powerful promo, with a cost per impression of less than 1/10th of a cent and 50% of consumers owning promotional writing instruments in the US. (1) Writing is an experience that showcases an individual’s unique preference and style, so we’ve put together a guide help select the perfect instrument for your next promotion.

Find out everything you need to know about writing instruments



78% of consumers own promotional drinkware and keep that drinkware for more than 12 months! (2) From being environmentally friendly to providing endless branding opportunities, reusable promo drinkware provides limitless possibilities.

We pride ourselves on being drinkware experts, driven by our Koozie® brand which has been keeping beverages at just the right temperature – and getting brands noticed – for more than 40 years.

Learn the facts about promotional drinkware and insulation

Face Masks

Traditional promotional product sales have taken a backseat to PPE this year as events have been cancelled and businesses have temporarily closed due to Coronavirus. Face masks are a huge component of those sales, with ESP searches for masks increasing 40,000% year over year. (3)

End buyers across nearly every vertical market are turning to their promotional Distributors for both branded and unbranded face masks. This guide shows the different options and benefits of popular styles, so you can help your clients find the perfect mask for any campaign.

Discover which Face Mask styles work best for different markets and clients

Cooler Bags

Cooler bags are powerful promotional products because they are used everywhere people like to have fun. From summer fun activities to tailgate events, insulated bags help keep the fun going while getting brands positive impressions. After all, consumers are more likely to do business with an advertiser that gives them a promo bag. (4)

Find out more about different styles of cooler bags and how they insulate



Apparel is the #1 category in promo for good reason. Did you know your favorite promotional tee shirt will generate 3,400 impression in its lifetime? (5) Our partnership with HanesBrands, Inc. makes Koozie Group your one-stop shop for popular styles from Champion®, Gear for Sports®, ComfortWash, Alternative® and Hanes®.

We’ve outlined everything you need to know about each of these exciting brands including the ideal target audience and vertical markets for each.

See how apparel helps brands stand out to audiences in a variety of markets


Nearly half of all Americans report participating in at least one outdoor activity. That equates to 144 million participants going on about 11 billion outdoor outings! (6) The recent rise in popularity of an outdoor lifestyle is driven by younger generations looking to create a fun, memorable experience with friends and family. (7)

Those big numbers are hard to ignore – especially when promotional products are ranked the #1 most effective form of advertising to prompt action among the generations driving this trend. (8)

Learn more about the growing Outdoor promotional product category

Awards and Recognition

Awards and recognition programs are a key component of keeping employees motivated, happy and loyal for businesses and organizations. Awards also make great incentive items to close sales and entice buyers. The opportunities for repeat business and high average orders means this should be a big area of focus for promotional product distributors.

If you’re wondering how to become an Awards & Recognition pro you’ve come to the right place. Discover everything you need to know about types of awards, materials, simple pricing and how Koozie Group can help you boost sales in this potentially lucrative product category.

Become an Awards & Recognition Pro by learning the essentials


43% of Promo Distributors find breaking into the tech market difficult, but with items that are useful and kept for a long time the tech category has a lot of potential. (9) One way to take advantage of this charged-up category is to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.

Get the facts about Qi certification and what’s next for wireless charging

Ready to become a Promo Powerhouse?

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