The changes brought on by COVID-19 seem to be never-ending, but businesses are reopening – and looking for ways to generate sales. To really connect, it may not be enough to just develop new strategies. Figuring out how to work them into tried-and-true approaches (like promotional products!) may be the key to success in “the new normal”.

Let’s look at six tips from Marketing Profs that will help get you and your clients’ marketing plans #ReboundReady™. Plus, how those suggestions work for promotional products Distributors.

Communicate your #ReboundReady™ Plan

Talk to your employees and clients about their worries when it comes to reopening. Start developing strategies around addressing those concerns while being mindful of how specific communities are handling reopening during a pandemic. Make sure your team knows the plan, goals and their specific tasks/responsibilities to reach those goals.

Get loud!

Ramp up communication across all your channels: social media, email newsletters, websites, press releases, etc. to make sure everyone knows you are open and planning for success. Your team and your customers will appreciate the transparency.

2 – Know what customers need, don’t just guess

Many businesses have had hardships this year, but your experience does not necessarily match that of your clients. The only way you can understand their circumstance is to talk with them. Be clear about your own reopening details and any new safety precautions for in-person meetings. Reach out with a thoughtful gift to welcome them back and start the conversation about how their needs may have changed. Or check out our 7 steps to prospect effectively to learn more about connecting with potential clients.

If you want to reach out with a Welcome Back gift, we recommend multi-function drinkware like the Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler. After all, it will get 1,400+ impressions for your business! (1)

Think outside the box!

Check out what your competition is doing and see if there is an opportunity to partner with them on campaigns that benefit the industry or your local community.

3 – Leverage your online presence

People have been relying on connecting digitally for months so they are checking social media feeds more often. Take advantage of this new habit by increasing the frequency of your posts as part of your #ReboundReady™ marketing strategy.

Hold it right there!

This may seem like a great opportunity to bombard customers with offers and products you want to move. However, knowledge-based content shows your interest lies in building relationships. Posting relevant and helpful info is more engaging and helps your clients feel empowered so they trust you when it comes to doing business. (2)

4 – Don’t overlook the digital experience

Most of your customers have gotten used to using platforms like Facetime and Zoom this year. Overcome different locations being in different phases of reopening by initiating or expanding the ways in which you connect with those customers. Think outside the call center and offer assistance via social media messaging, video meetings and online chat.

Welcome newbies!

COVID-19 has pushed many people to (finally) embrace technology and modern solutions. Their new tech-literacy is just another way for you to connect and help them with their promotional product needs.

5 – Stay Positive

Remember that your employees and customers know that things are different. They will most likely understand hiccups during reopening, and you can minimize damage with clear communication and transparency. But don’t just let them know when there is an issue, be ready to present them with alternative solutions. Staying in control of the message and keeping it positive will help take you from #ReboundReady™ to post-pandemic success story.

You got this!

There is sure to be a learning curve here, so if something isn’t working just change it up. Don’t dwell on initiatives that are missing the mark. Appreciate trial and error as a learning experience, shake it off and move on to your next winning idea.

This is BIC Graphic NA’s second #ReboundReady™ article, aimed at providing Promotional Products Distributors the resources they need to find success during COVID-19. You can check out part one here. Then, be sure to visit for even more sales tools and resources to help your business – and your clients – get #ReboundReady™!

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