With the uncertainty brought on by Coronavirus, consumers are being more careful about how and where they spend. The uncertainty of the pandemic is not only increasing interest in USA-produced products, but also growing support for local business and how much people are willing to spend in their communities.

  • 78% of Americans would rather buy a USA-produced item than an imported one
  • 80% are willing to pay higher prices based on where companies manufacture their products (1)

A Groupon survey of 2,000 Americans also found:

  • 75% of survey participants plan on making a bigger effort to support small business
  • Respondents plan to spend an average of $100 a week at local businesses post-COVID-19
  • People also plan to increase their average weekly spending at small businesses by 16% in hopes of boosting the local economy

Supporting American businesses is one way communities are coming together to navigate the uncertainty brought on my COVID-19. As a promotional products Distributor, you can also use your expertise to help promote these American businesses. Work with your local clients to take advantage of the increased interest in supporting their products and services for your mutual success. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Team Up

Small businesses can sometimes struggle to compete with their larger competitors. Team up with a client, or multiple clients on a “shop local” campaign, special offer or promotion. This is a great way to combine the preference for USA-produced items and supporting small businesses. Plus, if there is enough interest your “shop local” campaign may even need its own line of promotional merchandise.

Share Personal Stories

Putting a human face on business is just good business. Showing a team at work and sharing stories about the history or operations – including where products are made – shows pride and taps into consumers’ feelings of goodwill. Sharing stories on social media, a website or in-store gives a behind-the-scenes look at how USA-made products are produced and can help strengthen the brand.

Give Back Locally

Coming together in the battle to fight COVID-19 has many people asking what they can do to give back and offer support. Small businesses who have the means to volunteer, help charitable organizations, hire interns or sponsor local events puts them front-and-center within their communities. Even though this isn’t directly promoting USA-made products, it will positively impact a business’ reputation.

Make it known

If your clients manufacture or sell items that are produced domestically, make sure their customers know about it! Use creative promotional campaigns that include the reasons why they are proud to be American business owners and the unique selling propositions of their products and services.

Get in on the Political Game

On top of Coronavirus increasing interest in American businesses, 2020 is an election year and political marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. USA-produced campaign “merch” is a powerful branding tool that can boost a platform and candidate’s name recognition. With more people interested in knowing where items are produced, even more products from American businesses can make an impact at polling places, campaign stores and political rallies.   

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