Friday, July 29, 2022, marks the 108th birthday of Marcel Bich, a European-born entrepreneur who co-founded the BIC Company. As the exclusive supplier of BIC®- branded writing instruments to the promotional products industry in the US and Canada, Koozie Group is celebrating by shining the spotlight on this visionary and his company, whose brand has become recognizable all over the world.

Marcel Bich was born in Turin, Italy, in 1914 and later moved to Spain and France with his parents, becoming a French citizen in 1932. Twelve years later, he and his associate Édouard Buffard settled in Clichy, France, and began to manufacture writing instrument parts in their factory. (1)

Seeing enormous potential in the ballpoint pen, Bich acquired a patent for this item from Hungarian Laszlo Biro and sought the ideal ink formula and the perfect fitting between ball and ink – even using machines of extreme precision from Swiss clock making! All of this hard work paid off because in 1950, Bich launched his own ballpoint pen, the BIC® Cristal® pen, based on his philosophy of offering superior quality at the best price. (2) In 1953, Bich and Buffard created Société BIC (BIC Company) to manufacture and distribute BIC® ballpoint pens. (3)

Today, people around the globe recognize the iconic BIC® brand. Each BIC® product has – at its core – values of innovation, simplicity, and reliability.

The classic BIC® Clic Stic® pen continues to be the most popular retractable pen in the promotional products industry and there is never a set-up charge. Best of all, there are nine different popular BIC® Clic Stic® styles to choose from! Oh, and did you know that we test the BIC® Clic Stic® so it lasts up to 10,000 clicks? Now that’s high-quality performance!

While Koozie Group recently transitioned some of its BIC®-branded products to its proprietary Souvenir® brand and its new Classic Collection, we still proudly manufacture many iconic BIC® bestsellers in our Clearwater, Florida, factory using all the same high-quality materials you expect. These include the BIC® Clic Stic® family, the BIC® Round Stic® family, the BIC® Grip Roller family, and many others. Check out our entire lineup of BIC® writing instruments here!

Fun Fact: Ever wondered who that little guy is that stands next to the BIC® logo while holding a ballpoint pen behind his back? That’s the BIC Boy – a schoolboy with a shiny ballpoint for a head. He was created in 1961 by Raymond Savignac for the “Nouvelle Bill” (“New Ballpoint”) campaign. (4)

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