Case studies provide details and insights into how end users are using promotional products to benefit their business. The information provided through case studies help promo distributors come up with ideas and inspiration for creative solutions for their clients.

BIC Graphic NA has compiled case studies for top-selling items and popular vertical markets. Use these collections of case histories to spark inspiration when building campaigns for existing clients and growing your business with potential new customers.

Case Studies for Summer Promotions

Summer is the best time of year to get outside and have fun with family and friends. Brands that provide promotional products that enhance summer events and experiences can make a positive impression that lasts long after the warmer weather has passed.

Click here for four success stories that show the power of summer promotions.


Case Studies for the Koozie® Brand

The Koozie® brand has been helping companies promote their message with can koolers, bags and more for 40 years. For a fun, authentic, laid back promo with impact, you can’t do much better than The Original Chill.™

Click here to learn how Koozie® brand products helped end users showcase their services and build their business.


Souvenir® Success Story: A Healthcare Case Study

A Speech-Language Pathology Center was looking to expand their services and grow their influence in the community. Knowing the power of promotional products, they turned to Souvenir® writing instruments to help expand their brand.

Click here to learn how a healthcare center built business using Souvenir® brand writing instruments.


Case Studies for Souvenir® Writing Instruments

With a cost per impression of 1/10th of a cent and 50% of U.S. consumers owning promotional writing instruments, this category is a great way for brands to connect with their customers. (1)

Click here for three examples of how Souvenir® writing instruments helped end users showcase their unique brands.


Case Studies for Calendars

Promotional calendars keep brands in front of their customers 24/7 for up to twelve full months. These case studies show four ways promotional calendars generated visibility for four very different businesses.

Click here to learn how different calendar styles have helped businesses gain prominent placement with their target audiences.


Case Studies for Writing Instruments

In the world of promotional products, writing instruments remain big sellers with a cost per impression of 1/10th of a cent and 50% of U.S. consumers owning promotional writing instruments. (1) Here are three ways end users got their message in front of customers using promotional pens.

Click here to read three different promotional writing instrument success stories.


Case Studies for Awards

Awards and recognition programs are a key component of keeping employees motivated and building loyal relationships with clients. Here are three ways the JAFFA® brand from BIC Graphic NA made a lasting and positive impression with award and recognition recipients.

Click here to see how the religion, insurance and business services vertical markets use awards to make a lasting impression.


Case Studies for USBs

When it comes to promos, USBs make a big impact with 45% of US consumers owning a promotional flash drive. (1) Here are three case studies that demonstrate how these popular and functional promo items can help a business or organization spread their brand message.

Click here to learn how a college, conference organizers and RV dealership made a promotional impact with USB flash drives.

Case Studies for Awareness

When it comes to cause awareness, promotional products help generate visibility and spread important messages. These case studies show three different ways promotional products helped generate visibility for organizations making a positive impact in their communities.

Click here to read case studies about environmental, health and educational awareness.


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