At Koozie Group, we help build brand legacies by leveraging our powers as a team to create energy, win the right way, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our Koozie Group Heroes exemplify our People Powers to make a positive difference in our business every day.

Thanks to all our Koozie Group Heroes for going above and beyond to deliver amazing results!

Sherrod Crawford and Kelvin Caraig

Manufacturing – Sourced Writing Instrument Department – Clearwater, FL

Sherrod and Kelvin are Koozie Group Heroes for producing high-quality writing instruments and for going above and beyond to improve various processes. Their positive attitudes and willingness to help others make a big difference every day!

Patricia Overton

Digital Designer – Clearwater, FL

We recognize Patricia as a Koozie Group Hero for creating and maintaining so many amazing images and designs! Patricia really enjoys being a part of the Creative Team – an imaginative and inspiring group that has taught her so much during her career at the company.

Supply Chain and Logistics Team

We honor our entire Supply Chain and Logistics Team as Koozie Group Heroes for ensuring that our customers’ needs are met on time. Their responsibilities include inventory planning and purchasing, coordinating the logistics for importing all our products to our facilities, and shipping negotiations for all product shipping to our customers.

Gregory Howard

Order Management/Manufacturing Liaison – Sleepy Eye, MN

Gregory is a Koozie Group Hero for tackling order changes with a great attitude and always putting our customers’ needs first! Each day, Gregory facilitates order changes between our order management and production teams and does so with a smile and a positive mindset.

The Web Team

We recognize our entire Web Team as Koozie Group Heroes for making sure the Koozie Group and IMAGEN Brands websites work seamlessly for our customers and employees 24/7! Everyone on the team is open to sharing knowledge and willing to help one another whenever they can, while suggesting new ways to improve processes.

Debbie Disparte

Senior Product Manager – Clearwater, FL

We honor Debbie as a Koozie Group Hero for her instrumental role in pivoting our product assortment to meet the demands of the industry and needs of our customers. As Senior Product Manager, she oversees the drinkware, housewares, and health categories, while remaining a driving force for the entire product management team.

Ginny “Beccs” Beall

Customer Service Team Lead, Tier II – Clearwater, FL

Beccs is a Koozie Group Hero for going above and beyond to do an exceptional job for our customers while supporting her team. Each day, she makes magic happen for customers by working closely with her Tier I and II teammates, answering questions, and mentoring when she can – ensuring the team delivers the best service possible.

Cheryl Mielke

Graphic Designer – Sleepy Eye, MN

We recognize Cheryl as a Koozie Group Hero for being such a valuable member of the Koozie Group Team for 36 years, with many more to come! Cheryl started as a cartographer drafting road maps for the MicroMaps product line and has since transitioned to a Graphic Designer in the Creative Department, working on promotional pieces, calendars, and worship bulletins.

Lessia Groce

Inside Sales Account Manager – Clearwater, FL

We honor Lessia as a Koozie Group Hero because after 36 years with the company, the knowledge she has is priceless! Lessia is a true team player who always gives 100% no matter what challenge comes her way.

Tammy Schindele

Accounts Receivable Associate – Clearwater, FL

Tammy is a Koozie Group Hero for doing an exceptional job working with distributors and going above and beyond to help her colleagues when needed. She always ensures that distributors’ interactions with Koozie Group are top-notch!

Maria Flemate

Sticky Notes Cutter/Packer – Sleepy Eye, MN

We recognize Maria for taking it upon herself to catch any flaws in-house and reworking them before they reach our customers. From very small scratches in the plate to the slightest bit of residue, Maria will point them all out to turn potential external credits into internal reworks.

Jeff Ibberson

Site Manager – Sleepy Eye, MN

We honor Jeff Ibberson for his unparalleled print knowledge, guidance, and leadership that has helped build our promotional calendar dynasty. Jeff not only expertly manages a complex business, but also challenges our Sleepy Eye site to transform their processes and printing capabilities for future excellence.

Chuck Coffiey

Catalogs Department & Shipping Supervisor – Clearwater, FL

Chuck is a Koozie Group Hero for always having a positive, can-do attitude and never giving up when finding solutions that help our customers and our business. Outside standard supervisory functions, Chuck is tasked with project work, process improvement, and personnel development as the Catalogs Department and Shipping Supervisor.

Jaymie Cook

Account Manager, Sales

We recognize Jaymie as a Koozie Group Hero for building incredible customer relationships and being a stellar representative for Koozie Group in the promotional products industry. In her role as an Account Manager in Sales, Jaymie really cares about and goes the distance for her customers.

Barbara Brown

Shipper – Clearwater, FL

We honor Barbara Brown as a Koozie Group Hero for always going the extra mile to assist her colleagues and to fix shipping issues to reduce wait times for our customers. . And because she is focused on the customer, Barbara will ask, seek, go deep, and learn to deliver great results to our distributors, as well.

Jarvis Cabrera

Infrastructure Engineer, Information Technology Department – Clearwater, FL

Jarvis is a Koozie Group Hero for keeping our network communications and systems going and for helping our employees transition to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each day, he oversees and maintains the network communication between all the Koozie Group sites both domestically and with our sourcing team in Asia.

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