At BIC Graphic North America, we help build brand legacies by leveraging our powers as a team to create energy, win the right way and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our BIC Graphic NA Heroes exemplify our People Powers to make a positive difference in our business every day.

Thanks to all our BIC Graphic NA Heroes for going above and beyond to deliver amazing results!

Jessica Lyczkowski

Assistant Vendor Liaison Manager – Clearwater, FL

Jessica is a BIC Graphic North America Hero for displaying our company values in all her work. She always looks for the most efficient way to work through any issues with a positive outlook and is a true asset to our organization.

Mike Stueve

Artist, Customer Relations – Red Wing, MN

We honor Mike as a BGNA Hero for bringing our name change campaign to life! Mike has really Raised the Bar with his thoughtful eye and creative abilities. He’s collaborated with Marketing to create internal and external videos that are both entertaining and educational. Plus, he is ready to jump in at a moment’s notice and is always happy to help out.

Jasmina Resic

Customer Relations Team Lead – St. Petersburg, FL

Jasmina is a BIC Graphic North America Hero for stepping up and helping to make sure things are done quickly and correctly for our customers. She always strives to do her best, supporting both internal and external customers with whatever is needed.

Crystal Glass

Cash Application Specialist – Clearwater, FL

We recognize Crystal as a BIC Graphic North America Hero for her vast understanding of our Credit Department, and more! She always takes time to learn new things, shares that knowledge and never hesitates to help her teammates with whatever they may need.

Joe Garcia

Digitizer / Graphic Tech – Red Wing, MN

Joe is a BGNA Hero for his awesome attention to detail on embroidery digitizing and his willingness to tackle difficult projects. He is known for being dependable, efficient, punctual and always coming up with innovative ideas – then seeing them through to completion.

Diane Gibson

Elite Customer Care – Saint Petersburg, FL

We honor Diane as a BIC Graphic North America Hero for thinking outside and box and doing whatever it takes to make sure our Distributors succeed. She knows that understanding her customers and their business will bring them success – which in turn leads to BIC Graphic NA’s success too!

Marcus Antico

Shipping Team Lead – Saint Petersburg, FL

Marcus is a BIC Graphic North America Hero for always going above and beyond for our customers. He takes the time to make sure their orders ship correctly, together and on time – among so many other things!

Teri Cullina

Inside Sales Account Manager – Clearwater, FL

Teri is a BIC Graphic North America Hero for going above and beyond for a customer with a time-sensitive order. She communicated with multiple departments to coordinate special packaging and numerous drop shipments while keeping the client informed every step of the way.

Amy Nance

Elite Customer Care Specialist – St. Petersburg, FL

We honor Amy as a BIC Graphic North America Hero for always working hard to find solutions for our Distributors. Her drive to help and provide a great customer experience is truly impressive!

Pam Baumann

Custom Program Manager Team Lead – Sleepy Eye, MN

We honor Pam as a BIC Graphic North America Hero for her role in growing programs! Pam works collectively with her Field Sales partners to ask questions and dig deep so she can gain knowledge and support the team. She goes above and beyond to select great products, request virtuals and present ideas to customers to grow program sales.

Ric Lind

Manufacturing Supervisor – Sleepy Eye, MN

Ric is a BIC Graphic North America Hero for his tremendous effort in soliciting Safety Observations! He created an atmosphere of friendly competition within his departments to jump start the process, and he did a great job engaging associates to help continue our efforts in creating a culture of Safety.

Vicky Weiss

Artist Lead – Sleepy Eye, MN

Vicky is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for always being kind and honest with the information she offers. She is known to go above and beyond her regular duties to make sure her team is successful, and always with a positive attitude.

Nicole Evers

Artist – Sleepy Eye, MN

Nicole is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for always going above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy with every order! Recently, Nicole was instrumental in catching missing image links in an order. She was able to get the issue corrected so there were no remakes and completed several tests to make sure they were perfect for the customer.

Lorenzo Harris

Koozie® Brand Kitter – Saint Petersburg, FL

Lorenzo is a BIC Graphic NA Hero because of his positive attitude and flexibility in these times of change due to COVID-19. His team is so appreciative of his willingness to help where needed, and recognize that he has truly helped them to manage work flow on a day to day basis.

The Employee Communications Team

We recognize the Employee Communications Team as heroes for their efforts in building our COVID-19 Resource Hub and members only Facebook page for BIC Graphic NA employees. Their upbeat attitudes and outstanding efforts are much appreciated for keeping our Teams informed and connected during this challenging time.

Courtney Andrews

Customer Support – Clearwater, FL

Courtney is a BGNA Hero for stepping up to find positive solutions for our customers! She is a shining star at BIC Graphic NA, and her colleagues are grateful for her skills and dedication to putting our customers first.

Our Web Team

We honor members of our Web Team for their parts in developing and launching the all new! This group collaborated and worked together to find success on this long-term project demonstrating our One Team People Power, and ended up delivering an exceptional web experience for our customers.

Chris Feuerbach

Treasury Manager – Clearwater, FL

Chris is a BGNA Hero for stepping up and taking on key deliverables – owning the process from beginning to end. He embodies the One Team People Power because he never hesitates to support his colleagues, even if a task falls outside his normal job scope.

Meagan Kohnert

Graphic Artist – Red Wing, MN

Meagan is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for her dedication to our Ask, Seek, Go Deep and Learn People Power. It’s clear that Meagan truly cares about process improvements and goes above and beyond doing her part to help our company succeed.

Caroline Savage

Customer Relations / Customer Service – Red Wing, MN

Caroline is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for consistently maintaining a great attitude. Even after working long hours and tackling difficult tasks Caroline remains positive while helping customers in any way she can.


Melanie Dean

Marketing Associate – Clearwater, FL

Melanie is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for elevating the look of our storyboards and tackling projects outside the scope of her daily responsibilities. She has also been integral in several marketing initiatives.

Donna Hearl

Credit Associate – Clearwater, FL

Donna is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for going well above what is expected of her every day. Her willingness to put the customer first and contribute to the success of the team makes her a true BIC Graphic NA Hero.

Brandon Carmichael

Custom Sourcing & Quotes Associate – Clearwater, FL

Brandon is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for his instrumental help in implementing Smartsheets for quoting and his willingness to adapt. With more than seven years of experience with BGNA, Brandon’s extensive company knowledge is invaluable!


Casey Walter

Sr. Manager, HR Transformation – Red Wing, MN

Casey is a BIC Graphic Hero as part of the BG People Team driving technology and strategic initiatives. She has built several solutions within SmartSheets to gain information and track valuable People data to identify trends and implement process improvements.


Jennifer Fonseca

North America Import/Export Customs Compliance Specialist – Clearwater, FL

Jennifer is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for living and breathing import-export compliance and always getting the best deal for the company. She is a caring and generous person who is a valuable asset to our team!


Crystal Oravis

Legal – Clearwater, FL

Crystal is a BIC Graphic NA Hero as an integral part of our Legal Team, tackling each task with an eagerness to learn about the impact of a legal department in the promotional products industry.


Keith Watson

Operations Master Trainer – St. Petersburg, FL

Keith is a BIC Graphic NA Hero because of his passion for training new employees and dedication to giving every new hire a positive first experience with the company! He gets satisfaction from helping people develop into full-time team members and worked hard creating valuable training processes.


Michelle Reimer

Manufacturing and Vendor Liaison – Red Wing, MN

Michelle is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for demonstrating a high level of ownership in her role on the New Vendor Liaison Team. She clearly communicates with vendors to stay on top of fixing imprint colors, product colors, ship methods and submitting rush orders.


Alice Cheung

Product Development Manager – Hong Kong

Alice is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for always helping the business grow and adapt as an integral member of the drinkware team. She is a strong liaison with manufacturing facilities in Asia and is a great team player with a consistently positive attitude!


Jonaleah Carrow-Sherman

Manufacturing Facilitator – Clearwater, FL

Jonaleah is a BIC Graphic Hero who demonstrates her her passion for creating excellence in the drinkware department. She can always be relied on to make sound strategic decisions and motivate her team.


April Ryan

Lasers, Pad Printing, Golf Ball Printing, Embroidery Team Lead – Red Wing

April is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for going above and beyond in the Oracle implementation and training of manufacturing associates, as well as being instrumental in scheduling the embroidery work flow every day.


Julie Dunn

Inside Sales Account Manager – NC, SC, WI – Clearwater, FL

Julie is a BIC Graphic NA Hero who uses her sharp sales skills to go after business and find programs that help both the client and BIC Graphic NA. She is an awesome team player who is always willing to help her teammates and customers!


April Smith

Pricing Associate – Clearwater, FL

April is a BIC Graphic NA Hero who exemplifies teamwork by going above and beyond to help train Pricing Team members. She is always willing to assist fellow co-workers in their day-to-day duties and assume new responsibilities to help the team.


Kari Voth

Customer Relations Team Lead – Red Wing, MN

Kari is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for leading the training on new processes with the Vendor Liaison Team. She is recognized for working hard every day to make sure orders are routed quickly and correctly, training her fellow team members, and helping to resolve any issues that arise.


Jamie Krzmarzick

Marketing Coordinator – Sleepy Eye, MN

Jamie is a BIC Graphic NA Hero because of her fantastic ability to keep everything running smoothly. From print projects to mailing lists, to all her marketing coordination; we know we can depend on Jamie to get the job done quickly and accurately with a positive attitude!


Cassie Otto

Senior Human Resources Business Partner – Red Wing, MN

Cassie is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for going above and beyond to exemplify our People Powers by traveling to support the Clearwater site as needed. Cassie balances her duties at her home site while also having a tremendously positive impact on our Clearwater team.


Ruth Beyers

Elite Customer Care – Red Wing, MN

Ruth is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for her willingness to be flexible and pitch in wherever needed! While helping the business in various roles, Ruth has proven to be a positive, patient and invaluable team player.


Dan Erdman

IT Business Analyst, Integrations – Clearwater, FL

Dan is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for working tirelessly with distributors, suppliers, and other departments to get data flowing between systems. He has been instrumental in integrating new brand partners with our systems this year, and led the effort to set up an automated processes to improve the customer experience.


Mary Crutchley

Master Scheduler – Clearwater, FL

Mary is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for effectively highlighting issues and showing sound judgement when making decisions that are critical for our customers’ satisfaction. She always recognizes the potential in others and goes above and beyond to exceed customer expectations.


Whitney Raphael

Elite Customer Care Representative – Red Wing, MN

Whitney is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for demonstrating customer obsession in her daily interactions with 4imprint. She has built positive relationships and knows the business well, so she is willing to do what it takes to get the job done and create positive outcomes for her customers.


Roy Hakanson

Electrical Engineer – Clearwater, FL

Roy is a BIC Graphic NA Hero for anticipating issues, recognizing vulnerable equipment situations and recommending solutions to help keep production running smoothly. He is a valuable member of our Engineering Team and a true asset to BGNA!


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